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Traditional magazine publishing requires thousands of dollars in start-up funding. Printing, distribution, damaged product and returns all add up to one thing: money out of your pocket. You are faced with an immediate and certain expense with no guarantee of return. Why not optimize your product by going digital from the outset. Pressmart Media's online magazine maker is a smart, economical option.

In the United States, 65% of mobile customers use a smartphone while globally they account for 55% sales. As utilization of these devices becomes more commonplace, more and more people turn to them as a convenient way to replace traditional print. Pressmart Media is positioned to provide you a professional magazine available at your readers' fingertips.

  • Drive traffic by putting your magazine on your website. This provides the user easy access to your store and attracts customers with disposable income.
  • Cross-platform optimization is included. Your content will be readable across multiple devices and formats.
  • Integrated social media links will be embedded in the magazine. Articles can be shared in their entirety, encouraging word of mouth and driving new consumers to your content.
  • Traditional magazine amenities are updated with a modern flair. Subscription forms, back catalog, and adspace are still available, but can be updated with interactive features, videos, and sound for a unique and eye-catching experience.

With over a decade of experience evolving technology to suit our customers' diverse needs, we are positioned to make our success your success. Contact us to learn more about how an eMagazine, ePaper, or ePortal can better position you in the marketplace.

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