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Online magazine publishing software is one-in-a-million. Do a quick search and you'll find numerous results of up-and-coming sites that promise fast and sleek design, custom branding, mobile optimization, etc. Features on features are promised by these sites to provide you with specialized software to create aesthetic and appealing magazines, but where is the ease of access, the refined and simplistic user interface, and the feedback necessary to improve and build your magazine into a true success. Well, look no further, abandon your constant search for the best and most reliable software, presenting Pressmart's new software, e-Magazine.

Magazine Publishing with Accessibility

Compared to other magazine publishing software, Pressmart's software allows for incomparable ease of access in implementing its various features.

  • Magazine displayed under your own URL
  • Automated email client subscriptions
  • Inserted hyperlinks
  • Social media integration
  • Advertisement space on your magazine

Magazine Publishing with Responsive

What truly separates Pressmart's Digital Magazine Publishing software from the rest is the feedback which it provides to the user, allowing for a publisher to gather feedback that is both necessary and crucial, allowing a constant flow of improvement, and providing a better experience for both the consumer and producer.

  • Feedback forms
  • Search engine optimization
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Google analytics to understand your target audience

Pressmarts new magazine publishing software, e-Magazine, provides publishers with more than a creation platform, it provides a service that allows for feedback of what your target audience wants and how you can fulfill any requests.

If you are truly serious about working with an accessible and responsive publishing software then contact us for more information.

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