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Content is traditional media's most valuable asset. It's unique, local and well editorialized. But, tied only to print, it loses its potential to grow, maximize brand awareness, and ability to really monetize its content. Readers and advertisers are increasingly moving online and mobile, the publishers have no choice but to move with them. Our flagship solution Publication Cloud help publishers connect with customers in entirely new way in this space.

Pressmart’s digital Publication Cloud empowers you to manage all your digital media (e-Paper, e-Mag, e-Portal, e-Archives and e-Books) and enables you to publish all your media in the following outputs securely:

  • Desktops and Laptops for both PC & Mac
  • IPad and tables devices
  • IPhone, Android, and mobile devices
  • eReplica

    Extend your print brand in to an interactive reading experience for your global audience.

  • PDF to user-friendly page-turning experience

  • Super-imposed video and interactive features

  • Product Variants for Newspapers and Magazines Formats

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  • ePortal

    Dramatically increase traffic with audience-engaging news websites.

  • Powerful Web Content Management System

  • Customizable User Interfaces with Drag-n-drop Design Tools

  • Search Engine and Social Media Ready

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  • eArchive

    Unlock the potential of your physical archives. Get your legacy archives preserved, web-enabled and monetized

  • Digitize your historic publications from age-old microfilms, microfiche and PDF files into full-scale digital edition format.

  • Full-featured browser-based application for your internal staff and online subscribers to access archived edition or search for stories, ads and pictures based on keywords.

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  • Mobile Apps

    Tap into the booming power of mobile

  • Get your own custom-branded Mobile App on popular platforms like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Microsoft, and Symbian.

  • Integrate with your existing Publishing System or use Pressmart's powerful Mobile Content Management System.

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  • Browser Apps

    Expands your reach to new and content savvy tablet and mobile users

  • App experience simplified with HTML5. Allow access from any tablet and any browser.

  • Seamless integration with eReplica for an App-like experience on Tablets

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