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If you are wondering whether or not you should create a digital magazine for your business, then consider this: the digital magazine market is expected to increase more than 20 percent over the next four years. And this statistic is in addition to the already historically higher subscription rate online, as opposed to print.
According to the Global digital magazine publishing market report, online magazines “are preferred by a greater proportion of readers due to their ease of access, cheaper subscription costs, and eco-friendliness compared to their printed counterparts.”

Digital magazines are superior to print for many reasons but the main one is that the online option increases reader engagement because its platform allows for interactive content such as audios, videos and graphics. And interaction is a major advantage in business because you can capture valuable demographic information through hyperlinks, surveys, polls, and comments.

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Digital magazines are increasing in popularity at a rapid pace. Lower costs for both the business and subscriber, ease-of-use, and eco-friendly credibility can’t be denied. With the key benefit of increased engagement through interactive media, your business only stands to succeed.

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