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How to Publish an Online Magazine

Technology continues to grow smarter by the hour. With the public constantly looking down at their devices, how are you supposed to get the public to look up to see that physical copies of books, newspapers, or magazines still exist? It is important to keep up with your readers, especially in this day and age. If print sources are obsolete, where does that leave you?

In the ever capable hands of Pressmart. Take your polished pages you have drafted for print and easily turn them into an digital work. Pressmart walks you through the steps of how to publish a magazine on multiple platforms like web, mobile, tablet, etc. Open the form, enter your information, and get started today!

Besides today's technologically advanced public ignoring printed forms of media, there are many other pros to converting to the screen. Your readers can now interact with your words. Forget the old ways of clipping and saving - now, your patrons may share your thoughts by pushing a button. You can add sound and video to your articles as well. Make your pages come to life by catching your readers' eye or grabbing their attention. What's better is that there is no discrimination towards a specific device. Apple? Android? Pressmart's eMagazines are available to all of your readers using any operating system.

Not only do your readers benefit from the switch, but your benefits increase as well. You have so many options at your fingertips with Pressmart's eMagazines. You can receive subscription and feedback forms from your readers, activate an automated system that emails your subscribers, sell ad space for extra revenue, and make your magazines easier to find on an online search. Through Pressmart, you can better understand your audience, which will help in the future publishing of articles.

Get more out of your publication today. Pressmart is encouraging you to take your writing into the digital age. Make your magazine available to the masses by publishing online. You will be glad you did.

Should you have any questions, or would like to know more about publishing an eMagazine, feel free to contact us.

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