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What To Look For In A Digital Publishing Platform

Digital Publishing Platform for Newspapers, Magazines, Portals and Archives

If you're seeking a solution for your digital publishing needs, there are some very important things to consider when selecting a digital publishing platform.

What Do You Need?

First and foremost, decide upon the type of digital publication you require. Pressmart Media offers complete solutions for every digital publishing platform.

  • ePaper - If you're looking to create a digital newspaper, our ePaper software is the perfect solution. Our ePaper digital publishing platform allows for the integration of rich media (audio, video, animation, slideshows), social media integration, automated newsletter delivery to your subscribers via email, free software upgrades, ad space, user access to back issues, and more.
  • eMagazine - If a digital magazine is what you're after, our eMagazine features are numerous. We provide integration with social media and rich media, access to back issues, free software upgrades, banner ad space, RSS feeds, subscription and feedback forms, and so much more.
  • ePortal - A web portal is a gateway that's used as a starting point or an anchor site for users when they access the internet. ePortals are all-encompassing entities which provide a complete browsing experience that includes articles, widgets, photo and video galleries, blogs, customized user pages, and much more.
  • eArchive - An eArchive is the perfect management solution for your archival data. Index and Search functions enable you to quickly locate archived media. With effective backups, you're protected from data loss. Pressmart even gives you the option to monetize your archives through paid user subscriptions and ad revenue.

Extensive Functionality

An excellent digital publishing platform should provide your publication with an extensive amount of functionality, both for yourself as an administrator and for your users.

For instance, with Pressmart's digital publishing platform, your content is viewable from every computer and mobile device. Search Engine compatibility is another major advantage so people can find your content when performing internet searches. Multilanguage support is another important aspect to look for in a digital publishing platform. Seamless advertisement integration is also key for every monetized digital publication.

Access to analytics provided by Pressmart allows you to see who's visiting your content, where they came from, and how long they visited. This information is vital for ensuring your content stays relative to trending topics, and it gives thorough insight when gearing your advertising toward specific audiences.

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