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How To Build A Web Portal That Engages Your Audience

If you're curious about how to build a web portal, we can help. The first step to building a web portal is figuring out exactly what you want to share with the world. Whether your focus is news, entertainment, a business enterprise, or your own personal views and opinions, we can build a web portal to suit your needs.

Provide Broad Functionality To Users

It's important to provide broad functionality when you build a web portal. By offering RSS feeds, for instance, users will receive instant notification of new and updated content the moment it goes live. When users can share, rate, and comment on articles, it fosters more social interaction with your content and boosts your overall reach.

Many users will visit your portal through mobile phones and tablets, so our ePortals are compatible with every device and computer to ensure unhindered access to your content.

Make It Interesting

In addition to written articles, photo galleries not only provide eye candy to the viewer, they display content that's easily shared by your users. By offering interesting content like embedded YouTube videos, weather widgets, and public polls, you'll keep your audience engaged so they'll return to your portal again and again.

Customizable templates will allow you to tweak your portal's aesthetic design whenever you see fit. If you currently work with Google or any other third-party advertiser, or if you plan to one day in the future, ad management is easy when you build a web portal through us.

Draw Attention To Your Published Content

We will build a web portal that is SEO friendly so your published content can be found easily and will achieve higher ranking in search engine results. As an administrator of your web portal, you'll have access to analytics that detail where your users are from and how they're engaging with your portal. Studying the analytics allows you to see what articles are trending and it also enables you to tweak your advertising to suit your largest audiences.

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