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In today's corporate environment, companies are changing the way they do business. Taking old habits and a way-things-have-always-been-done mentality and turning it on its head has created new clients for Pressmart. Dr. Reddy's is a good example of how thinking digital can reduce the costs and waste associated with traditional printing.

A leading global pharmaceutical supply company, Dr. Reddy's re-examined their business model, looking for ways to reduce printing costs and leave less of a carbon footprint. They found answers at Pressmart.

"At Dr. Reddy's we firmly believe in the principle of sustainability, and giving back to society. As part of this thinking we decided to reduce printing of our largely circulated documents through the use of Pressmart's digital solutions. The less we go for print, the more trees we save and contributing toward keeping the planet green."

By converting their annual report into digital edition flash and PDF formats, the company was able to cut costs and eliminate paper waste. The move helped to further strengthen their commitment to a green economy while drawing praise from their chief shareholders.


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