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Pressmart’s ePaper software enables content providers with the ability publish their content in a digital newspaper edition. With no boundaries set in printed world, your content will be taken to the next level:

  • Interactive to users (Flipable)
  • Customizable to provide unique personal experience
  • Engaging to readers
  • Available in any device, anywhere, and anytime
  • Sharable to your favorite social network or blogs
  • Find what you want with search capabilities
  • Relevant to new and existing generations
  • Easy to subscribe

Pressmart's newspaper software provides a reading experience that is flexible, accurate, secure, and new at right cost for content providers.

ePaper Publishing Features

  • Viewer Registration Login- Login with username and password and can read the paper by becoming the member of the publication with Free/paid under specified conditions. Users can also login with their Social accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Registered online newspaper users will get an email as soon as the edition is alive Profile- Logged users can edit and update their profiles and the admin has an option to enable and disable the profile option. Subscriptions Management - With easy to use subscription management options available alongside individual magazine sales Language Support - Pressmart ePaper interface supports all major languages RSS-RSS feeds help the viewer to know what all the information that is beginning, updated. The information can be shared to the user by clicking on the link. Podcast -Viewer has an option to listen the particular article. Blogs - Logged viewers can view and create the blogs from the portal and have the privilege to share the same. Multiple Editions - Switch between the available editions from a drop-down menu Contents -One can view the content of the ePaper by simply click on the contents icon. Click on the Content icon displays the list of page headings with the page numbers for that edition. Clicking the page heading from the list navigates you to that particular page. ZoomIn and Zoom out - Zoom functionality on Article window Gallery - All the Pictures and Ads in the publication are now organized in a Gallery. Browse through thumbnails or view them as a slide show. Picture Gallery- User can have an option "Pictures" to view gallery of articles. Ads Gallery- User can have an option Ads" to view gallery of Ads and user can also view the gallery. Search (Picture/Ads Gallery -based on duration)- The user has the privilege to search the data in Gallery (Pictures, Ads) and Search based on duration. Video and Audio Integration - Integrating video campaigns across online Media is becoming more important as viewers move seamlessly from television to laptop to tablet to mobile phone to consume video content. Achieving true integration across screens is the topic of much debate and conversation in today's media landscape, but can be difficult to achieve. The consumer is moving from screen to screen faster than the industry is able to accommodate them, and those that do it well will need to capture the hearts and minds of viewers. Video Enhancements upon mouse hovering on the selected video. Search - Find stories in a snap with a powerful Search feature that even allows you to search Back Editions. The user can search the data by entering the text Normally The user also has the privilege to search the data between Date and Editions User can also use the advanced search option to search the data in e-Paper. Google Search- On the ePaper there is an option of Google search. The admin of the publication can enable or disable the option Feedback - Users can share their feedback to the admin by entering an email with feedback message. Take a tour - Helps like a guide to the e-Paper to the viewers. Archives - Users can view the previous data of the publications and admin can enable or disable the option. Back Issues - Viewers can now access Back Editions from your Current Edition. Display Multi-Color Skin- The Online Newspaper Interface can be customized with colors that go with your branding High Light Color – (Article Mouse over Color Selection) When the user mouse over on a particular article they appear a color. On the wish of the admin the CS will change the shade color of the e-paper. The CS will select the value and click on submit. The admin will have the option of their own color for the article for the mouse over Page Thumbnails- The viewer can see all the pages in the e-paper in thumbnail format and On click on particular the page navigates to that particular page. Go to page- Shows the current page number along with edition Name. Right Click Menu- On click on the right menu, user can opt for following options-Downloading current page PDF,Go to Next /previous page,GOTO-First /last page. View-Viewer can view the article in print view, text view. Customizable Header- website header can be placed on top of ePaper so that the ePaper looks seamlessly integrated with your website Discussion board - Logged viewers can participate and can view the others responses. Activating this option will enable the viewers to comment on the individual articles in the Online Newspaper Social Media - Share article with Blog,tweet,delicious,Twitter,Facebook and other social networking sites. Audio Jingle, Online Form - The user can fill the online form to an ad, admin can enable/disable the form. Payment Gateway - A user can pay the payment through a payment gateway by selecting charge mode and type.

    Administrator Reports - User trend analysis and reports, which are configured by the admin .The admin, can extract User Login Stats, User Last Login Stats, Page wise count report, User GEO classification, Site Visitors Status, Facebook and twitter count display, Site hit count display Publication Selection -The admin can configure their own publications and admin can name the publication; give a unique id for the publication along with the URL of the publication. Enable Guest Login - The admin can create a guest login. They have the option of enabling and disabling the guest login option. Ads Placement Management Show Preload Ad (Shoeshekel ad)- Advertisements are defined by the admin to display in homepage with Preload Ad (Shoeshekel ad) Top Ads- Advertisements are defined by the admin to display at the top of the homepage Right Banner ads- Advertisements are defined by the admin to display at the right side of the home page. Footer Ads- Advertisements are defined by the admin to display at footer of the home page. Scrolling Ads- Admin can also define the Scrolling Ads in home page Embedded Ads- Advertisements are defined by the admin to display at embedded ads on the home page Video Integration for ads- Video can be integrated to a particular Advertisement/Article Audio Integration for ads- Audio can be integrated to a particular advertisement

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