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"Online Magazine Publishing Lead to More Subscriptions"

When most publications think of online magazine publishing, they tend to worry that providing free content online will reduce their subscriptions.
Fortunately, a digital magazine isn't the death of your print publication, and can actually improve your sales overall.

Here are 3 critical facts that will change the way you look at online magazine publishing.

1. 95% of newspapers and magazines are using digital media to increase revenue.

Believe it or not, people are willing to pay for online content--if they think it's valuable.

By creating an easier path to subscription and giving your readers a taste of what they're missing out on, you can generate more online magazine subscriptions and long-term readers.

2. 26% of readers simply prefer reading on their tablet to reading a print version.

With a growing body of digital natives who are hungry for useful content, it's no surprise that an increasing number of people prefer to read publications like yours on their tablets and smartphones.

If you want to stay vital and important in the coming years, it is absolutely critical that you make the transition to digital media.

3. Online content increases your audience organically.

Once you've printed content onto paper, the most you can hope for is that it's passed around the coffee table.

But with digital content, your audience grows automatically. Search engines deliver new and curious readers straight to your publication--people who would never have found your print articles.

Simply by transferring your print content to the internet, you can garner a completely new audience (and maybe even more subscriptions).

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