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Industry-Grade Mobile and Web Content Management Service

Pressmart ePortal offers advanced Mobile and Web Content Management for publishers looking to make an immediate online impact and create new revenue streams.

ePortal provides publishers with everything needed to create an engaged audience of subscribers with a powerful Content Management System, feature-rich Add-On Modules, ready-to-use templates, all with simple content integration and repurposing capabilities, and a 100% reliable and secure hosted infrastructure. ePortal features fully hosted, pay-as-you-go convenience with an immediate return on investment and virtually no technical skills required. Plus, there's never an exit barrier; your content is your content, start to finish.

Start publishing immediately across all digital mediums using our 100% managed service. Put the features and functionality of ePortal to work for you today.

  • CMS

    Top-of-the-line mobile and web content management systems with granular workflow and content publishing capabilities.

    Pre-designed Templates

    Web 2.0 pre-designed customizable templates create a professional, branded look and feel.

    Monetization Tools

    A host of money management tools designed to help you serve, measure and manage subscriptions and ad campaigns, including an industry-leading ad engine.

    Web2.0 Features

    Content is organized and managed for optimum functionality and accessibility with state-of-the-art Web 2.0 features like most-read, tags, video, user comment, blogs, widgets and RSS.
  • Cloud Hosting and CDN

    Scalable and reliable cloud hosting with fast content deliver courtesy of CDN creates a better user experience.

    Content Integration

    Pre-press PDF files, wires, XML and editorial workflow content management and integration.


    Make informed editorial decisions based off of expert analytics including fine-grained analysis of traffic and content consumption patterns.


    Categories, pre-set charge models and reporting tools build effective, revenue-driving classified advertising.
  • No IT expertise needed for setup or maintenance.
  • Advanced publishing capabilities for a low monthly fee. No license fee. No hidden costs.
  • Free feature updates with no dependence on IT.
  • Create a 360-degree online experience with Add-on Modules.
  • Zero go-to-market time.
  • Faster ROI with embedded marketing and monetization tools.
  • SLA-backed security, availability, reliability and scalability.
  • No exit barrier. 100% content export and backup utilities.
  • Repurpose content with seamless integration with Pressmart eReplica products.
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