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Pressmart announces support for Apple iPad

February 03, 2010 US/India, Wednesday

Pressmart announces support for Apple iPad

As soon as consumers lay their hands on Apple's game-changing "iPad", they are going to be hungry for content. And, the news industry is itching to fulfill this hunger while it waits for its own "iPod" moment that changed the music industry forever.

Pressmart, a leading print-to-online content publishing service, today announced its support for the Apple iPad. Publishers from over 50 countries use Pressmart service to deliver content to their subscribers in Same-as-Print Online Editions, Web2.0 Interactive Community-Ready Websites, Custom-Branded Mobile Apps and eReaders. Pressmart already supports all major eReader devices like Kindle, Sony, Nook and Cool-er.

Publishers will now be able to use Pressmart's Software-as-a-Service platform to convert and distribute their print publications in an iPad ready format and Custom Branded Apps. It opens up Publishers to the massive content appetite that iPad will offer.

"With the iPad's larger screen, the mobile consumption of news and general content through websites and Apps is expected to surge heavily. iPad is made primarily for content consumption and Publishers do not want to loose out on this opportunity. Publishers who do not have a rich, community-driven website or a Mobile App can now use Pressmart to create one, and as a hosted, on demand offering." Said Sanjiv Gupta, Founder and CEO of Pressmart.

About Pressmart

Pressmart is a digital conversion and delivery partner of print publishers including newspapers, magazines, catalogs and books. It has a global customer footprint in 49 countries with 700 publishing titles in 24 languages delivered to 1.5+ million subscribers worldwide. Topline Publishers like Philadelphia Inquirer, San Diego Union Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, Trinity Mirror UK, WallStreet Journal Asia are some of its customers. Pressmart's Channel Partners include Cadmus - a Cenveo group company (Printer, US), Curtis - a Hachette / Lagardère group company (Distributor, US), Higgs - a DHL group company (Distributor, UK), Geon (Publisher / Printer, Australia). It is VC invested by DFJ and NEA-Indo US. Its operations are based in India with Sales and Partner relation presence in US and UK. It has an experienced management team backed by a strong Engineering expertise. For more information please visit

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