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Mobile Classroom Application

Mobile Classroom Application

Every school wants to enhance the learning experience but at the same time they are trying to reduce costs and expand access to more students. Our Education Cloud provides this promise by providing on-demand access to educational content, resources, and services to every student anywhere, anytime, and any device.

We have also have provided tablet-based education solution called MOCA (Mobile Classroom Application) that changes the way teachers, students, parents, and education administrators enrich the learning process. MOCA contains education content, tests, attendance and many more modules.

Benefits for students:

  • Access to extensive library of content to enable anywhere learning.

Benefits for parents and teachers:

  • Visibility into what each child is learning and doing
  • Teachers can access to summary and details class performance and ability to drill down to each student’s profile.

Key modules and functions:

Teacher Module

  • Test management
  • Messages
  • Manage student details
  • Notice board
  • Attendance module
  • Additional info management
  • Reports and graphs
  • Student performance mapping

Student Module

  • Messages
  • Notice board
  • Notebook
  • Quizzard
  • eReader
  • Taking exams
  • Health records

Parent Module

  • Concise view of the child - summary
  • View of child attendance - Notice board
  • Messages
  • View of child points (marks)
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