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Create Online Catalog in few Minutes.

eCatalog Software

Create Online Catalog in few Minutes.

Every publication today is looking for simple and inexpensive ways to create a successful web presence - but it is difficult to know where to even start.

Introducing 'eMag Lite' from Pressmart, both Publishers and Subscribers can experience the latest version of eMag 3.0 - a big step forward in digital publishing and delivery, making web presence even more efficient.

The new version has a faster rendering engine under the hood and a striking new interface on top that makes Pressmart the most powerful hosted print-to-online publishing service in the world.

Take a look at some features:

Fast and Good Looking Pages: Users don't wait around for pages to load. And, that is precisely why we use vector graphics, speed-rendering engine and superior caching technology to load pages faster and in high quality at any zoom level.

3D Thumbnails: Enjoy flipping through the pages? Try rolling over the thumbnails. We promise, you will enjoy it. And, so will the users.

Text/Zoom View: Zoom is a great way to read through the pages. But, if you prefer the text view, now that is available too. Simply choose the view you prefer.

Back Issues: Once the new issue comes up, everything else becomes archive. But that doesn't mean it loses value. Now, cross-sell your past issues alongside the current issue.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Never touch that mouse again (if you don't want to, that is). Keyboard shortcuts make it a breeze.

More ways to listen: Now stream or download the articles right in your browser. Each podcast has title and description.

Full Screen: If zoom is not enough, blow up the magazine full-screen and read it the way you want to read it.

Search Engine Optimized: Now your pages are Search Engine friendly. Meaning, your pages will show up in search results on popular Search Engines. More traffic = More revenue.

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