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Make a Brochure Online in few Minutes.

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Make a Brochure Online in few Minutes.

Companies waste millions of dollars each year on collateral. We say waste because, as good looking, detailed and informative as your collateral may be, the odds are it never gets read. Sure, it's handed out, only to be left in a hotel room or in the circular file.

But, the real problem lies in the fact that each brochure or handout you print costs you money…money that will never be recouped with collateral that gets more and more out of date as time goes by.

Pressmart can provide you with the up-to-date digital collateral options you demand; without the overhead costs of printing up thousands of paper pieces; without the waste. Only through digital collateral do you get the exceptional reach of downloadable documents that deliver your collateral to prospective clients, in an age that's increasingly doing business online instead of off.

Digital collateral from Pressmart is interactive with the ability to link customers to your site and bring the content to life on-screen, through sound and motion. You can infuse your collateral with the additional income potential of ecommerce, all the while reducing your impact on the environment and bolstering your ability to remain profitable.

$25 is all it takes to get an effortless, intuitive, multi language self-publishing product to expand digital consumer's base along with 1 year hosting.

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