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Create a Digital Book in few Minutes.

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Create a Digital Book in few Minutes.

Pressmart's digital library software converts historic printed newspapers and magazines available in print, microfilm, microfiche or PDF format into print-replica digital edition, with convenient browsing and searching capabilities. Pressmart has a collective experience of digital archiving over 400 years of newspapers and magazine content into eArchive format for leading newspaper houses across the world.

Introducing 'eMag Lite' from Pressmart. eMag Lite allows you to upload your publication In Few Minutes, whether that's a newspaper, magazine, book, journal, catalog, brochure, newsletter, family album, coffee table publication or annual report. You can make edits, rearrange pages, print, save, share and explore your digital issues all in fast-loading vector art.

$25 is all it takes to get an effortless, intuitive, multi language self-publishing product to expand digital consumer's base along with 1 year hosting. Special plans have also been developed to accommodate publishers with Dailies.

Why go digital? One word: Global Access. With a digital edition of your printed piece you can reach more people, new markets and expand your readership base. Plus, digital printing is the green solution; no paper, no printing, no print costs, and no waste.

Using Pressmart's e Magazine software, you can now customize your interface so that it's adapted to your personal style with web and e-mail hotlinks and keyboard short cuts. An intuitive Administrative Control Panel allows wide-open access to your current publication and back issues. You can also, create your next digital edition and put it online for your customers.

Or go fully-loaded with eMag Pro and ePaper. eMag Pro and ePaper offers all the great features of eMag Lite, but with even more opportunity. Along with desktop access, eMag Pro and ePaper gives readers the choice of viewing your publication via mobile, eReader, podcast and RSS.

So take control of your digital environment. Start today with eMag Lite, or make the move to eMag Pro and ePaper.

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