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Digitize your Newspaper & Magazine Archives.

Digital Library Software

Digitize your Newspaper & Magazine Archives.

Pressmart's digital library software converts historic printed newspapers and magazines available in print, microfilm, microfiche or PDF format into print-replica digital edition, with convenient browsing and searching capabilities. Pressmart has a collective experience of digital archiving over 400 years of newspapers and magazine content into eArchive format for leading newspaper houses across the world.

The conversion of with you into your preferred formats, which can include:

High-resolution Images in TIFF or PDF format for reprint

Complete print-replica web edition

Searchable PDF files of each page with dual layers of original image and converted text

XML files of each page and article as per NNTP protocol

We also assist our publishing partners to monetize their digital archives by integrating subscription management, online payment gateway integration, search engine optimizing, tie-ups with external archive vendors, etc.

The benefits of digitizing your archives are:

Protect your archives from natural wear and tear and hazards by having an effective backup strategy in digital format

Make your internal research highly effective

Monetize on your archives by putting them up for online subscription or generate ad revenue through them

Save prime real-estate, as with digital copies being available, you can store your original copies remotely

Pressmart is cited as the fastest growing digital library software, widely accepted and proven in 49 countries, in over 24 languages. Leading publication groups such as Trinity Mirror (UK), CNBC (Europe), IKEA, Bangkok Post, Hindustan Times, The Sun, and other premier newspaper associations such as World Association of Newspapers (WAN) that represent over 63,000 publications spread over 200 countries, have partnered with Pressmart.

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