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“A Booming online marketing requires a web portal that can effectively showcase the publications with editions and channels offered by the enterprise”

Today world have changed with digital media in publication cloud, you no longer sell your products in physical market to attract the customers towards you. There is one solution to increase your digital business is by Pressmart's Web Portal Development solution.

You can easily manage the entire web portal by connecting by mobile, social network online, market your products, and take surveys much more. And you can watch the online TV channel through this solution.

Start publishing immediately across all digital mediums using our 100% managed service. Put the features and functionality of ePortal to work for you today.

Pressmart e Portal Development Services include

  • News Portal Development
  • Enterprise Portal Development
  • Personal Portal Development
  • Entertainment Portal Development

Web Portal Features

  • Multilanguage support

    Pressmart's e-Portal can support Multilanguage to your news portals.


    User controls can be managed according to the client requirements, customizable user roles.

    Unlimited members and editors

    Site admin can create new users groups, users and can assign privileges.


    Logged user can view and create the blogs from the web portal and have the privilege to share the same.

    RSS Feeds

    RSS feeds help the user to know what all the information that is beginning updated. The information can be shared to the user by clicking on the link. Back end users can manage the feeds in the news portal.
  • Print, Rate articles option

    Users can rate, print the articles.


    Any user can view, participate in the poll section.

    SE friendly content

    Configured by Pressmart

    Rich web analytics

    Site admin can view the web analytics

    Ads Management

    Site admin can manage the ads

    YouTube integrated Video Gallery

    Back end users can manage the videos and front end users can share and view the videos


    Content Delivery Network is managed by Pressmart.
  • No IT expertise needed for setup or maintenance.
  • Advanced publishing capabilities for a low monthly fee. No license fee. No hidden costs.
  • Free feature updates with no dependence on IT.
  • Create a 360-degree online experience with Add-on Modules.
  • Zero go-to-market time.
  • Faster ROI with embedded marketing and monetization tools.
  • SLA-backed security, availability, reliability and scalability.
  • No exit barrier. 100% content export and backup utilities.
  • Repurpose content with seamless integration with Pressmart eReplica products.
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