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  • About ePaper

    E-paper is an online presentation of the print-version of newspaper publications, in its 'original layout' - with articles, advertisements and images. ePaper is an online version of the newspaper delivered in an electronic form.

    When you are taken to the choosen Publication and Edition, the menu provided is featured below.

    Main Page Features

  • Detail News Page Features

    On clicking any news article/ad on the publication, you are taken to the details of the news item choosen.

    New Feature : You get an option of listening to the news when the audio button is clicked.

    Please Note: This feature is only for publications in english.

    New Feature : You can click on the blue arrows on the right to go to the next article on the page.

    New Feature : You can view the article in the newspaper layout when the image icon is clicked.

    Detail news Page Features

  • How to search on ePaper

    Please Note: This feature is only for publications in english.

    You can use the "Search" link on the navigation bar as shown below for this purpose. Feed in the keyword for your search. In case of Advanced Search, key in the word and then select option of articles/ads/pics depending on what you are looking for. You can choose further given parameters - to narrow down your search.The Search in e-paper can be used only for issues of the past one week.

    How to search on archives?

    If you wish to search for articles / ads/ pics prior to 7 days, check out the Search feature in the e-paper Archives, which is more advanced and lets you search all editions at one go and also allows to specify a wider date range. The archives link is present on the extreme right of the navigation bar.

    When you go to the e-paper Archives go to the search tab enter your search term (whatever keyword you remember from the article/ad); then select the publication in which your are searching (or select all publications in case you are not sure of which one); enter date range by clicking on the calendar; select the option as articles / ads and click on GO.

    A number of results will be displayed. You can look at the search results and select the relevant one.

    SEARCH Features

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