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Mobile Apps Solutions

Our Mobile Apps solution provides everything you would need to develop and publish your content into apps. Your team can effectively and efficiently develop, manage, publish, and control securely all your valuable digital assets. Our intuitive interphase allows companies to extend content and brand by producing apps a lower cost and connect with right target audience.

Pressmart’s Mobile Apps solution will allow you to publish all your media for:

  • IPad app & IPhone app
  • Android tablet app & Android smartphone app
  • HTML 5 Mobile browser view to its available across all platforms
  • Categorized News Allow users to access the latest headlines and related stories, rate an article or simply search for articles.
  • Citizen Journalism Create rich content diversity with first-hand accounts of events and news, including image and video story enhancements.
  • Video and Image Gallery Increase interactive energy with seamless video and image upload, e-mail, and save ability.
  • Polls Create polls, involve users and increase the relevance and interactivity of your content.
  • Social Network Create a community around your content, allowing users to share images and keep up with friends and family.
    • Sign up
    • Configuration
      • Custom branded opening page
      • The font and color customization
      • Enable/Disable features
      • Configure user controls
    • Content Integration
      • From Existing workflow's,CMS, PDF etc
    • Submit to mobile apps stores
    • Go Live
  • No IT expertise needed for setup or maintenance.
  • Hassle-free feature updates.
  • Pay-as-you-go (No Capex) model allows Publishers to map Investments with Returns.
  • Zero go-to-market time.
  • Repurpose content with the seamless integration of Pressmart eReplica products.
  • Private branding with dynamic change management capabilities.
  • No exit barrier. No license fee. No hidden costs.
  • SLA-backed security, availability, reliability and scalability.
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