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E-edition Publishing Software

Every day, more and more companies release an electronic addition to their print publication. While many have been uneasy about the transition into more electronic publications, it is what customers and/or readers want today. The choice is either to go with the changes or get left behind in an era characterized by technology and more importantly what the customer dictates.

If you are looking at various software options, you might be wondering what important features your e-edition software should have. Questions you should keep at the forefront in your consideration include things such as "What kind of reputation does the software provider have with their customers?", "What kind of support is available if/when I have question?", and "Do software updates come with the purchase or are they extra?"

The e-edition software options available at Pressmart offer the latest in technology advances in the category. HTML5 technology offers compatibility on all mobile platforms. The end result is that the reader receives a seamless digital publication as if it is being viewed on a computer monitor. In addition, your e-edition can be viewed on your company's URL. Once readers subscribe to the digital edition, they will receive automated e-mail alerts and automatically receive the next edition when it's released.

The Pressmart E-edition Software options can be integrated with any of your social media platforms. This gives you multiple platforms in which your publication can be viewed. Users can easily share what they are reading from whatever social media they are utilizing at the time. Free software upgrades are automatically included, so the latest features and technology are always at your fingertips. Banner ad space is made available to provide an opportunity for your company to generate revenue from within the e-edition. If your software does not come with analytics, you need to find software that does. Analytics provide valuable data about on-line behaviors of the reader. Archive capabilities are included making previous publications a simple click away. Finally, companies have the option to get their own custom mobile app!

The e-magazine software provides digital magazines that appear larger than life with amazing graphics and integrated video. Any included URL's include the hyperlink as well as hyperlinks to emails included. E-edition software options from Pressmart are affordable and easy to use! Contact us today to learn more about our options!

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