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Imagine having the ability to access and repurpose years and years of archived content. The monetary value alone is enormous when you consider the amount of digital media demanded by today's information-hungry consumers. For far too long, the problem hasn't revolved around the lack of content available but the necessary work involved in putting it together in a singular format that can be easily accessed and is readily available.

Welcome to the world of XML. It gives digital publishers the capability to store years of archival content. Better yet, XML files are easy-to-access and take away the hassles inherent with repurposing the single most intimidating factor when it comes to publishers with hundreds of thousands of pages of content that haven't been kept up-to-date, but instead stored away in a backroom collecting dust.

Traditionally, archived publication content falls in to one of several categories. Paper, which is obviously the most time intensive when it comes to repurposing. Then there are the traditional tried and true methods like microfilm and microfiche. And modern technology has brought forth TIFF, CD, and PDF files. These are the current tools that are in use, all part of the evolutionary process brought on by advances in technology for the purpose of making access easier. But, as advanced as some of them may appear, they all have their drawbacks. And together, the diversity of needed software and skilled personnel to pull various materials and put them together for new media exposure is a mind-boggling, logistical nightmare.

That's why XML is so appealing. XML is seen as a relative newcomer. The truth is, it's been out there for almost a decade the publishing industry has just been slow to embrace it. XML is thought to be time-intensive, costly and manpower prohibitive. And realistically, it can be all that, if you're not equipped and experienced in dealing with the complexities and upkeep of an XML file storage vault.

Pressmart has converted over 400 years of historic news pages of its publishing customers into an eArchival format. We've literally perfected the science of data migration from unusable, incompatible content to easy-to-access, organized and ready-to-go files that can be reintroduced at the drop of a hat and used to feed a media-starved society. Thanks to a proprietary process, we've taken the headaches out of archiving and repurposing content for the ePub, the web, mobile editions and RSS.

You've published a lot of content over the years. It's for you to decide what value that content has. And maybe, just maybe, try the advantages that XML filing has to offer.

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