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New media has brought so many startling changes to the publishing industry. No longer is it simply a matter of putting your paper or magazine in the right place and hoping that consumers will pick your product over a small sampling of others. Today you compete against a world of news, entertainment and user-generated content all with an interactive, go-all-out-to-get-readers bent.

That mentality has to be matched with an equal amount of savvy on your part if you're going to succeed in the digital age. Success is often predicated on how well you monitor and analyze the web data that your online publication receives, something known as web analytics.

Web analytics have been around for some time. And as the science of web data analysis has evolved so has its ability to take that raw data and consumer information and translate it in to a highly measurable and targeted tool for refining content. Let's use your publication as an example. Before new media, the only way to measure if what you were doing was working was through subscriptions and whether that subscription rate was going up...or down. Because there was a lag time in subscription rate information, you could be in hot water before you had a chance to do anything about it. But that was the old days.

With web analytics, you can know instantly, not only whether your publication is attracting new clients but whether a specific page or article is doing its job. Thanks to the almost instantaneous information web analytics provides, you can hone your content to be timely and targeted which gives you the ability to capture new readers and new subscribers.

Web analytics can tell you what ads, which articles and what pages are drawing readers. Equally important, it can tell you which ones aren't. Web analytics have been a constant at Pressmart since we start digitizing content. Today you'll find our technology platform is one of the most advanced in the industry. By providing our client with a comprehensive analysis of their specific reader interests and behaviors, Pressmart clients get a much better understanding of their consumer. Our behavioral reports offer deep digs with extensive reader profiles and critical information that is both timely and actionable.

But nothing shows the promise of Pressmart web analytics more than results. Through web analytics, we've been able to help one of our clients increase subscriptions of their publication 12X. And through our analytics another client was able to cut print and distribution costs by over 65 percent. These are just two example of how Pressmart analytics are helping equip our clients with the information they need to not only survive the digital transition but thrive in it.

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