Your Smartphone Sales Funnel: The Importance of Responsive Web Portal Development

Recent closures of brick-and-mortar stores often cite online competitors as a key reason of their decline. According to Time magazine, most online shopping now occurs via smartphones and tablets. Why are so many people flocking to shop on their phone instead of getting products in their neighborhoods?

Responsive websites fill a niche immediately.

The first place many would-be customers arrive is Google. They may search for a brand, specific product, or just general how-to information. Google has caught onto the influx of smartphones and now ranks websites that cater to smartphones higher. These websites are designed with specific technologies to provide functionality, regardless of the phone type. This technology is done through responsive web portal development. This technology balances industry standards against required use. The end result pushes the would-be customer toward a solution faster. This allows online marketplaces to focus on specific audiences. In a nearby neighborhood, these audiences may not be large enough to sustain a business. However, when pulled from across many neighborhoods, the story changes.

Responsive websites make the world a common marketplace.

In the days before the internet, a small company would mark significant sales with maps and push-pins. The practice showed employees how far their work has spread. Often times global language would make it into sales material. Being sold in 5, 10, or 15 countries was a major accomplishment. The internet has made it easier to communicate instantly anywhere in the world. In addition, websites can automatically switch to different languages depending on where they are being viewed. That means would-be customers always speak the same language: bringing value to the marketplace.

Responsive websites make web portal development streamlined.

If companies regularly staffed doctors, they would have healthier employees. The problem is that most people don’t go the doctors on a weekly basis. Staffing a doctor would lead to a high cost for an under-utilized service. The same is true for regular web development. The things a staffed web developer can do are amazing. However, many companies don’t need this level of development on a regular basis. Responsive web portal development allows companies to connect to customers online without staffing the high cost of a web developer. Instead a business owner or manager can directly connect to customers online. This un-filtered connection of business value to customers is essential to growing an online niche.

Growing an online sales funnel isn’t something that is done overnight. Only businesses that produce responsive web portals can adapt to changing needs. To learn how to build responsive web portals, please contact us.

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