Your Magazine Publishing Solution Needs an Upgrade

If your online magazine is stuck in a clunky format that fails to offer the best user experience to your readers, has limited ad layout flexibility or doesn’t work as it should on all mobile devices, there is no reason to delay a move to a modern software solution. Each day that you provide an inferior reader experience is a day that you lose loyalty, dilute your own brand and make your competitors look better to the advertisers in your sector. Magazine publishing must fulfill one basic promise to readers, advertisers and the editorial team assembling the issues: Digital should be easy.

At Pressmart, we know that magazine publishing are constantly searching for more reliable and refined options. We speak daily with people who are struggling to find a solution that actually delivers the promises their first platform made to them. This ongoing detailed feedback has built our knowledge and bolstered our resolve to create a magazine publishing solution that shines when compared point by point with all the features in the marketplace. The upgrade you are waiting for will not come from your provider, deeply mired in legacy code. Your publishing evolution awaits with our sleek, reliable, responsive publishing product, e-Magazine.  

How responsive is your magazine?

Cross-platform compatibility is the most important element in the publishing realm, for obvious reasons. Your readers follow on phones, tablets and desktops.  Some even use all three at different times of the day. Coding for each of these as they are introduced and updated is a losing strategy. Now, the publishing world, from niche magazines to major titles, is catching on that this work has to be done by specialists. Pressmart has a mission of following and adapting to the needs of devices, formats and solutions coming down the road through genuinely responsive coding.

What are your pain points?

Make up your checklist, and bring it to us. We can give you a head start by noting that we offer a true digital magazine experience with reader feedback forms, social media integration, seamless email subscriptions, ad space you control fully, easy functional hyperlinks for editorial and advertising use.  We also provide the tools you need to grow your business, including Google Analytics functionality and search engine optimization.

If you are ready to upgrade your magazine publishing experience, Pressmart is ready for you.

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