Web Portal Software Takes Your Site to the Next Level

At Pressmart Media, we work with new projects and evolving companies alike. Whether your business is new or ready to level up to a new array of functionality, a web portal may be the solution that will best suit your needs. Today we’ll look at the needs of a growing enterprise that has outgrown a simple webpage approach.

Is your current page hard for people to find?

A true web portal that is SEO friendly allows more readers to find your published content. And you will know that for a fact. Easy tools built into our portal software offer simple, effective access to analytics that reveals where your readers are from and how they navigate your portal. This allows you to adapt and be more agile in the marketplace. You’ll better understand the relationship between ads and page views, navigation, and a sales funnel, or between any other revenue generators on your site.

Finally become truly mobile

Many users will visit your portal through mobile phones and tablets, so our portals are compatible with every device and computer to ensure unhindered access to your content.  No need to test on multiple platforms or ask your users for feedback:  We have done that for you.

Try exciting options to please your readers

More interactive tools for readers brings more engagement and reach. Our web portal software offers features such as RSS feeds for new content notification for you to use – or not – depending on what your audience values.

Get visual about it

Your company has a library of quality written articles, but are text pieces accompanies by the right visual content to promote sharing?  Can you embed widgets for polls, quizzes and videos in an easily customized layout? Does ad management simply and seamlessly work on your site?

Our templates put these controls into your hands and prepare you for the next stage of growth.

Pressmart Media offers you the keys to that dreaded website redesign:  Don’t just rearrange the furniture – change the platform! Contact us to learn how easy it is to move onto a web portal for your next chapter.

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