Use Newspaper Software for All Your Readers

In this increasingly digital age, the news remains a necessary and thriving part of culture. Readers still need to know what is going on at home and abroad. From the front page, to the classifieds, to your daily movie reviews, the audience is out there. In order to reach that audience, however, most major newspapers have found the need to diversify available formats.

Newspaper Software: Print Versus Digital

Approximately half of newspaper-reading Americans prefer to read their news online, a number which has been increasing over the years. The New York Times now has over one million subscribers who read the news only online. That said, many readers still prefer print media, and the money, even for publications like the New York Times, is still to be found mostly in print. As a newspaper publisher, therefore, it pays to have both a print and online version. The printing press remains a daily reality, but so does Newspaper Software designed to take all that  hard work your writers and graphic artists have done and put it into a usable format.

Newspaper Software: Cross-Platform

Cross-platform publishing is another reality of modern-day digital news. Gone are the days when editors know exactly how the finished product will look, where the fold in the paper will be, how much room they have for a headline, and so on. While web design practices continue to advocate an “above the fold” approach for drawing and keeping readers, the ideal layout will vary widely between a PC, a tablet, and a cell phone. The newspaper software you use must take this into account, allowing you to see how your paper will appear on multiple devices.

Newspaper software is likely a part of your publishing world already, from article and photograph submission to layout and beyond. Does your software help you to reach out to all the readers you have and to the potential readers you would like to have? If you have questions about finding the best newspaper software for your business, contact us today and let us walk you through your options.

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