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3 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Publishing Solution

Running a publication is hard work, and especially in this digital age, it is all the more important that publications have a strong online presence along with print. Digital publishing is a relatively new space for many, and finding a solution that fits your publication’s need and appeals to subscribers is imperative. Luckily, for those interested in expanding their digital footprint can employ a digital publishing solution for their publication. Here are 3 reasons why you need a digital publishing solution:

1) PDF replicas of print publications on demand

Successful publications in this day and age understand that their audiences like to engage with content in different ways. While some may prefer print versions, others may eschew that for a fully digital version. A digital publishing solution is perfect in situations like this, since it can create digital replicas of print publications. Continue reading

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How digital publishing software can increase your overall profit margin

To grow and increase profits, a company needs a marketing strategy that incorporates the best and newest digital publishing software. Automated systems can help you reach more customers than ever before possible through an online newspaper, magazine or brochure.

Customers will be able to access you in more ways than ever before possible including their smartphones, personal computers, laptops and iPads. There are many benefits of digital publications including: Continue reading

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A Better Option for Digital Publishing Software

You need to have a strong online presence for your publication, the time has come where a simple website platform is not enough. It can be hard to navigate which tools will be of real assistance in the world of digital publishing. If you are struggling with the transition to online publication, or simply need a stronger presence online, look no further than Pressmart Media Ltd. With digital publishing software which is easy to use and reader accessible, you can streamline your online efforts and step into a stronger future for your publication.

Pressmart provides a wide variety of options when it comes to the digital publishing software offered. You can have an E-version of your paper or magazine. These digital versions of your publication are interactive and completely user-friendly. There are also options for ePortals, which will heavily increase the traffic of your platform. If your publication has the potential for an online archive, there is an Earchive that can bring your archive online easily for readers to view.   Continue reading

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News Portal Software Solution for Any Publication

It’s 7:30 a.m., the kids are still sleeping, you step onto the porch and pick up the Sunday-morning paper before the sprinklers come on. You settle into your favorite chair with a steaming cup of coffee to indulge. You head straight to the sports section, and then it’s back to the headlines, followed by the funnies. Wait a minute! It’s not 1995. Fast forward to 2015, there are no morning porch pickups, folding or flipping through pages, clipping out favorite articles, or ink-stained fingertips.

These days your newspaper, magazine, or publication needs to host a user-friendly website, that’s supported on whatever platform your reader is in the mood for that day. Whether it be a shiny little tablet, smart-phone, or big fancy monitor, your audience wants options.

However, seamlessly transforming your printed content to a digital platform can be tricky business. With a complete news portal software solution, your content will look exactly like the printed version while containing hyperlinks, animation, videos, and sound effects.

Transforming your printed content, and building a loyal readership isn’t impossible, in fact it is more attainable and easier than ever with a comprehensive digital publishing solution. Contact us today and see how a robust entertainment software platform can take your publication to the next level, while improving customer satisfaction, and expanding your readership. Also, take advantage of Adsense, PressKart, and Amazon services.

So let’s try this again…It’s 7:30 a.m., the kids are still sleeping, you settle into your favorite chair with a steaming cup of coffee, and wake up your sleeping tablet. You pull up your favorite Sunday-morning publication, head straight to the sports section, then it’s time for the headlines…Now that sounds about right!

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