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Improving content and broadening your reach in a digital age: How an online newspaper maker can help

Whether you’re a print newspaper considering a transition to eNews or simply seeking to stand out from the competition, grabbing the attention of consumers in a digital age is a challenge. With more content available than ever, publishers must think strategically to reach the people they want to reach.

Fortunately, a comprehensive digital delivery platform can help you understand your readers, improve user experience, and broaden your reach.

The primary function of digital delivery platforms is certainly the ability to effortlessly publish content in an interactive way. However, the analytical features often provide even more benefit to the user.

Unlike with a printed newspaper, a digital platform allows you to understand exactly who your readers are and what they find most appealing. Online analytics can track demographics, clicks and shares, and even how consumers came to your articles. Continue reading

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Why Your Business Needs Newspaper Maker

In today’s ever-changing world filled with technology, more and more businesses are looking to publish their newspapers online. There are many advantages of digitizing your company’s news as print is becoming less popular. When your clients have the option of seeing and hearing the news right away, it’s a no-brainer as to which form of newspaper they would prefer.

Faster, Easier Methods  

With an online newspaper maker, it’s faster and easier than ever to retrieve the news information you need online. There is no need to track down a paper copy any longer when it’s available online at any given moment. This saves not only time, but money in the process. The best time to learn about the latest news trends is now and avoiding the print is the easiest way to speed up this process!

Regular Updates

Instead of printing a newspaper and waiting a given amount of time, any important updates that need to be shared can be done with the click of a button. This provides ease of access to regular updates for those reading your online newspaper. There is no waiting a week for the next publication. Your news is regularly updated and available in the easiest way possible.   Continue reading

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Boost Your Bottom Line: How an Online Newspaper Maker Can Open Doors for Your Publishing House

Are you thinking of transitioning your print newspaper to a digitized newspaper? You’re on the right track if you are interested in increasing your profitability (among a host of other benefits).

Digitalization of your publication will benefit your bottom line by opening doors to new forms of monetization. This is in addition to saving money by reducing printing costs.

Let’s take a look behind those doors, so you can see how online newspaper maker can help take your publishing house to new levels of expansion.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Once you digitalize your newspaper, you’ll have access to multiple revenue streams. You’ll still have your paid subscription base, of course. But you’ll also have three types of ad spaces – at the page level, article level and article genre level – to generate more money. Continue reading

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Three Essential Elements To Successful Online Newspaper Publishing

The newspaper remains a respected source of information on local, national, and global scales. While digitization increases the general population’s reliance on social media, traditional news mediums still impact everyday readers. Therefore, publications that aim to keep longtime readers while expanding their modern audience should consider online newspaper publishing as an avenue towards further growth. The following three elements are essential to successful online newspaper publishing:

Outreach – Publications should strive to not only attract new visitors, but retain the loyalty of new and diverse readers. Pressmart ensures materials’ accessibility with the use of any device, regardless of the reader’s location or timezone. Additionally, we make online newspaper articles sharable between social media services including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, among others. Online distribution implies global reach. To accommodate the largest audience possible, Pressmart makes ePapers available in major languages such as English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and more. Continue reading

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Effective Mobile Apps are Becoming Essential for Newspaper Makers

As more and more people turn to mobile devices to consume news and information,  providing a state-of-the-art digital experience to the end-user is of vital importance. Today’s mobile platforms are ideally suited for the delivery of newspapers and magazines via apps. And many newspaper makers and content providers are finding that merely digitizing their publications and making them available online is no longer enough to grow and maintain subscriber bases.

To take advantage of the mobile app revolution, however, publishers need to find solutions that deliver a host of key features consumers are now demanding, while at the same time keep costs in line to maximize ROI. A few of these key features include: Continue reading

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Simplifying Online Newspaper Publishing

Are you growing weary of the technicalities of building and formatting your web page? Struggling with a format that can easily translate between devices? Daunted by the task of making your online site faithfully represent your printed work? In this ever-increasing technological age for business, digitization is no longer a rarity. In fact, digitization is a bare minimum expectation of any business that is seriously considered for utilization by up and coming customers.

The biggest mistake any business could pursue is being left in the dust when it comes to the technological field, especially when the boon of promotion and exposure a company could glean from online formatting is nearly immeasurable. There is a solution that remains the remedy for all of these online formatting issues and more. If you are looking for an all in one location for all of your online newspaper creation, maintenance, and amplification, look no further! Continue reading

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Are You Missing Out? Benefits of an Online Newspaper Maker

Are you a newspaper publisher without an online edition? Or is your online edition unreliable, or unable to be read on all devices?

If you replied “yes” to either question, you’re missing out on readership, ad revenue, and even valuable customer analytics.

What Can an Online Newspaper Do For You?

An online newspaper, or ePaper, is an online version of your newspaper, tabloid, or broadsheet, with its original layout, including articles, ads, and images. However, it is not simply a static representation of your paper. Continue reading

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