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3 Must Do’s When Transitioning to Digital Newspaper Publishing

Taking your newspaper or magazine digital is a big step for any publication. There are lots of moving parts to consider and unless you’ve done it before you probably have no idea where to start.

After helping over 400 publications take the leap into the digital realm and over 10 years of experience in cloud innovation, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to best transition into the digital newspaper world. Continue reading

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3 reasons digital newspaper publishing should interest you

It comes as no surprise that the digital world is growing quickly. With everything from books, to learning programs, to newspapers becoming accessible digitally; you may be asking yourself what the big deal is with digital newspaper publishing. Here are 3 reasons why you should be interested in digital publishing. Continue reading

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Why Online Newspaper Publishing is the Way of the Future

Traditional newspaper publishing has been around for many, many years, but that doesn’t mean that it’s still the best way of getting the news out to the masses. Nowadays, online newspaper publishing is becoming an increasingly better option for everyone involved. These are some of the reasons why. Continue reading

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Newspaper Publishing: It’s About Much More Than Saving Trees

You’ve heard about online publishing. You may even have subscribed to an online publication, maybe more than one. Or the newspaper you’re printing on paper may compete with one. It’s time to find out what online publishing can offer you beyond the right to say that you’re saving trees and beyond reducing your costs of publishing. Continue reading

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Reasons to Try Digital Newspaper Publishing

Newspapers have been the life’s blood of democracy and healthy civilizations since their inception in the late 1700′s. Citizens need information to function in society and newspapers have the noble calling of providing that information. Keeping this tradition going is crucial, and it just might require digital newspaper publishing.

This is because print journalism is suffering some serious economic troubles. Revenue from advertising in print formats have slipped. In 2013, it was down 3.8%, and revenue from print-only circulation dropped 20%. Continue reading

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Expanding Your Reach With Eportals

Eportals are a bit like doors. They can invite in everyone and boost the business behind it just by being well-designed, making it a cost-effective way to promote your ‘house.’ A previous post covered how a professional portal development can make your content feel credible to visitors, thus convincing them to return, but have you considered how an eportal can bring in new visitors in the first place?

It starts with being geared towards SEO. With a wide sampling of your unique content, a web portal can attract new visitors through search engines. When you include embedded videos and photo galleries, you will cast an even wider net for potential searchers. The easily updated content keeps web crawlers returning, which in turn keeps it high on pages of hits.

Once you have the new user looking over your content, you can benefit from word-of-mouth advertising. Although, you might more accurately call it word-of-social-media advertising. Our web portal development allows visitors to easily share items they find interesting through Facebook and Twitter. Your brand name will spread to even more potential customers with these enticing samples, thus providing free advertising to people without you investing any additional resources.

Finally, eportals support multiple languages. Your content can attract people with a wide range of native languages, making it desirable to many more people than if you stuck with only one. Speaking a person’s home language is the number one way to make them feel comfortable, and comfortable customers are repeat customers.

If you feel ready to reach more people through eportal, contact us. Our portals are not only SEO friendly, but they have all the features that attract the customers you want.

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3 Ways Publishing Content to a Mobile App Service Will Improve Your Business

The world has gone application crazy. It seems that every phone and tablet comes standard with a dozen apps. It isn’t very surprising, either. Having applications that give you exactly the information you need quickly is what the busy modern world needs. This need for speed applies as much to your magazine or newspaper as any other sort of information. It will be a huge convenience to your readers to be able to click on a magazine app to get to your work as well as save it as a bookmark on their computer.

That is not the only reason to publish your content to mobile apps though. There are other benefits. The first benefit is that apps are very interactive. It allows an iphone or tablet user to search for specific content and add their own. This gives you a deep understanding of your demographic’s thoughts, and also it gives you the ability to immediately respond to it.

The second benefit is reaching the widest audience possible. Practically everyone has an iphone these days and a large number of those people use it for internet access. People take their tablets everywhere, too, and that means that they can share your content at internet cafes amongst friends, which will then download your emagazine. Some people even use their phone as a replacement computer whenever they can’t reach one. Phones are also always with people. When you publish your content on an app, people can read your magazine or newspaper everywhere they happen to feel the need.

The third benefit is that it opens up all sorts of cross-merchandising opportunities. A poll done by phone app can be reported in your emagazine or epaper. The tablet app can replicate your epaper, giving you double the ad space. Your epaper can promise videos of your articles on the tablet app. You can keep your customers consuming your content all day.

If publishing your content to an app sounds like it would round out your media empire, contact us about our mobile app solutions.

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Breaking: News portal provides Hail Mary save for struggling print

We’d be preaching to the choir if we started this off with facts and figures about how the print newspaper industry has been struggling for years. Suffice it to say, people simply aren’t buying papers anymore, cutting you off from the ad circulation revenue that caused papers to take off a few decades ago.

We also know that some have developed options that work for keeping a paper afloat in these troubled times, but simply staying afloat isn’t enough. Wouldn’t it be nice to see revenue actually grow?

A 21st Century Newspaper

No matter how you cut it, people just don’t like papers anymore. They’re bulky, use paper (recycled or not), and spending money on something you’re just going to be throwing away or recycling at the end of the day or week just doesn’t seem financially viable.

This has caused more and more people to get their news over the computer or through a smartphone, and the industry response has been to simply put up paywalls. A 21st century solution that adapts the old school beauty of print with the digital era is possible, through news portal development.

Rather than just putting stories up like a blog, a news portal allows you to provide a digital copy of your actual newspaper to consumers, as well as two new ways to generate revenue that can either be used individually, or in combination.

New Lines or Revenue

By using our system, you can run a subscription service that allows only those with a subscription to access your newspaper, on any device they choose. Through digital transactions, which studies show are more reliable than traditional subscription services that require action on the part of the buyer to renew, you can generate a rather consistent revenue stream once again for those that want to read your paper.

Another option this provides is the ability to charge advertisers both for their ad showing in your paper edition and your digital publishing edition, with the digital edition providing even more in-depth analysis of the demographics their ads will reach.

For more information on how you can increase your revenue through a news ePortal, providing your readers with a more convenient way to read the traditional looking newspaper you work hard on every day, contact us.

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How News Portal Software Connects Publishers with Readers

As print newspapers and magazines become more obsolete, the need for effective and engaging online news sources grows. Publishers have been using online portal software for nearly two decades to gather content from varied sources in one accessible locale, but web portals now offer greater functionality for both webmasters and users.

News portal software can serve as more than a simple building block for a publisher’s website. Because news portal sites get visitors without having to invest in creating the published content, they reap the benefits of the high credibility associated with quality sources. According to Science Daily, readers who are interested in a particular news story will evaluate its credibility based on both the portal and the original source. However, most people who read the news online are judging the portal because it is the most visible and their attention to one story is fleeting. Thus, quality software which draws relevant content to a portal gives the publisher a good reputation with readers.

Furthermore, spreading content from a news portal has become easier and more effective with social media use. Many readers like having quick access to news stories from social sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as being able to subscribe to various news portals through those media. Sharing content within and from smartphone apps is another way that news portal software can interact with readers directly. Software that keeps track of subscribers and provides reports to the publisher is most valuable.

A user interface that transfers seamlessly to mobile devices, video and blog compatibility, easy photo management, and site analytics are other features that publishers should look for in assessing quality news portal software. Maximizing these features can make website management straightforward and readers’ experience multidimensional.

To learn about finding potential readers and engaging with existing readers through effective news portal software, contact us today.

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How Digital Publishing Helps Your Newspaper or Magazine Reach More Customers

It seems that every corner of the publishing world is reporting losses in print circulations. Digital publishing is the future of newspapers and magazines. By publishing in an online format, companies can reach a broad audience more effectively.

Digital is Here to Stay
Once considered a passing fad, statistics show adults are converting to the ease and convenience of electronic publications. Over 1/3 of US adults will own an e-reader by 2016 and 45-50% use their reader to access news or magazines, including ads. For The Economist, 77% of readers have never had a print subscription. Adapting to a new format is especially important as studies on the news media show that while overall circulation is down, demand for content on tablets and smartphones is growing.

Digital Editions are a Smart Marketing Choice
While many publishers are struggling to transform print media into digital, studies show increasing benefits to publishing online. 2014 marketing research showed 26% of customers preferred the tablet version of a magazine over the print version. Online publishing attracted new, younger customers, increased ad revenue (customers are more likely to click an online ad), and helped companies gather data and generate reports on their readers. Readers are embracing digital subscriptions which outsell single issues three to one and mobile traffic on digital sites is as high as 60%.

Digital Editions Engage Customers
Magazines remain incredibly popular with surveys showing 91% of adults (96% under 25) read magazines regularly. Online editions provide increased engagement with readers accessing more sessions per month and more pages per session. 82% of customers reported being “very satisfied” with only digital editions and 73% intended to renew. Digital editions also encourage larger engagement with the brand as 80% of readers either visited the publication’s website, recommended the magazine, or visited the magazine’s social media site.

Engage more readers by providing digital content. Contact Pressmart Media Ltd to find a digital publishing solution that matches your needs.

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