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Improve Sales by Publishing Your Magazine Online

Magazine sales fluctuate from month to month as readers pick and choose which publications to buy. Because of this, publication companies focus a great deal on promotions to boost subscriptions. However, many of those companies are overlooking another source of revenue: How to Create a Web Portal.

As more and more readers gain access to tablets and smartphones, the importance of having an online presence becomes vital. Consumers want the convenience of carrying their reading materials with them without lugging around the heavy, printed versions. Supplying them with an online option might make the difference between having your magazine, or that of your competitor, being read on the morning commute. Continue reading

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Create Your Magazine Web Portal the Right Way

If you’re a magazine owner or publisher, you know that you need a web presence. There are many website design options you can use to take your publication online and make it mobile friendly. However, most publishers don’t understand that there are definitely good and bad methods. Even some of the top names in the publishing business have websites that are frustrating to use and hard to read both on desktops and mobile devices.

How Can You Avoid This?

In the scramble go online; many companies are going online the wrong way. Continue reading

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Create Online Portal: It Take Only Seconds to Lose a Reader

Times have certainly changed. Readers are less likely to luxuriously browse the paper over a cup of coffee, and more likely to look for the latest breaking story within minutes of it happening.

With social media trending towards real-time sharing of experiences, it’s important for news organizations to keep up. Posting information quickly is increasingly necessary to keep readers. However, that isn’t enough. Will your story show up on a search engine? If you’ve posted the story quickly, and a reader clicks on your link, will your article load immediately, or will your potential reader become frustrated and try another link? Continue reading

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Companies may benefits greatly from creating an online portal

The benefits of creating an online portal could prove vast for newspaper and magazine businesses looking to expand their web traffic. Because many news companies would like to remain mindful of spending while also working effectively for their customers, an online portal could help do just that. Online portals are cost-effective while also proving convenient for costumers.

By utilizing Pressmart to create their online portals, companies do not have to worry about starting on their own from scratch. As a result, companies can provide a beneficial service by having various news information in one place without having to worry about high costs associated with constant site maintenance. Customizable templates for portals allow companies to have a portal unique to their business and that suits their needs. Continue reading

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Create A Strong Online Portal To Enhance Your Customers’ Experience

Your website is the first impression you will make on many of your customers. It serves as more than just your marketplace. Your website, when properly optimized is your path into the most popular search engines, introduction to a global customer base, and your primary interaction with consumers. What do you want your web portal to say about you?

We at Pressmart Media offer fully featured online portal design at reasonable rates. We can optimize your end-user’s  experience with the most up-to-date content. Continue reading

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How to Create a Portal Website

The benefits of taking your print publication online are clear:

  • More exposure for your content.
  • Ease of access for your readers.
  • Increased readership by expanding into new territories.
  • Translate content into different languages automatically.
  • Low overhead.
  • Social media engagement and sharing.
  • Adding digital media to your content like videos.

But, the process of transitioning online is full of pitfalls and difficulties that have left some brands in the dust. Continue reading

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How Outsourcing News Portal Development is Beneficial

In this decade, readers’ and advertisers’ desire to read information online drives publishers like you to make your customers’ online experience as interactive and user-friendly as possible. This need calls for a news portal that can easily spread and present content in an appealing way.

Although you desire a responsive news portal for readers, providing one can be difficult. Maintaining content requires advanced technical expertise that you may not have. To efficiently disseminate content to your readers, consider outsourcing your news portal development to an innovative digital publishing company. Continue reading

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Breaking: News portal provides Hail Mary save for struggling print

We’d be preaching to the choir if we started this off with facts and figures about how the print newspaper industry has been struggling for years. Suffice it to say, people simply aren’t buying papers anymore, cutting you off from the ad circulation revenue that caused papers to take off a few decades ago.

We also know that some have developed options that work for keeping a paper afloat in these troubled times, but simply staying afloat isn’t enough. Wouldn’t it be nice to see revenue actually grow?

A 21st Century Newspaper

No matter how you cut it, people just don’t like papers anymore. They’re bulky, use paper (recycled or not), and spending money on something you’re just going to be throwing away or recycling at the end of the day or week just doesn’t seem financially viable.

This has caused more and more people to get their news over the computer or through a smartphone, and the industry response has been to simply put up paywalls. A 21st century solution that adapts the old school beauty of print with the digital era is possible, through news portal development.

Rather than just putting stories up like a blog, a news portal allows you to provide a digital copy of your actual newspaper to consumers, as well as two new ways to generate revenue that can either be used individually, or in combination.

New Lines or Revenue

By using our system, you can run a subscription service that allows only those with a subscription to access your newspaper, on any device they choose. Through digital transactions, which studies show are more reliable than traditional subscription services that require action on the part of the buyer to renew, you can generate a rather consistent revenue stream once again for those that want to read your paper.

Another option this provides is the ability to charge advertisers both for their ad showing in your paper edition and your digital publishing edition, with the digital edition providing even more in-depth analysis of the demographics their ads will reach.

For more information on how you can increase your revenue through a news ePortal, providing your readers with a more convenient way to read the traditional looking newspaper you work hard on every day, contact us.

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How News Portal Software Connects Publishers with Readers

As print newspapers and magazines become more obsolete, the need for effective and engaging online news sources grows. Publishers have been using online portal software for nearly two decades to gather content from varied sources in one accessible locale, but web portals now offer greater functionality for both webmasters and users.

News portal software can serve as more than a simple building block for a publisher’s website. Because news portal sites get visitors without having to invest in creating the published content, they reap the benefits of the high credibility associated with quality sources. According to Science Daily, readers who are interested in a particular news story will evaluate its credibility based on both the portal and the original source. However, most people who read the news online are judging the portal because it is the most visible and their attention to one story is fleeting. Thus, quality software which draws relevant content to a portal gives the publisher a good reputation with readers.

Furthermore, spreading content from a news portal has become easier and more effective with social media use. Many readers like having quick access to news stories from social sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as being able to subscribe to various news portals through those media. Sharing content within and from smartphone apps is another way that news portal software can interact with readers directly. Software that keeps track of subscribers and provides reports to the publisher is most valuable.

A user interface that transfers seamlessly to mobile devices, video and blog compatibility, easy photo management, and site analytics are other features that publishers should look for in assessing quality news portal software. Maximizing these features can make website management straightforward and readers’ experience multidimensional.

To learn about finding potential readers and engaging with existing readers through effective news portal software, contact us today.

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