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Web Portal Software Takes Your Site to the Next Level

At Pressmart Media, we work with new projects and evolving companies alike. Whether your business is new or ready to level up to a new array of functionality, a web portal may be the solution that will best suit your needs. Today we’ll look at the needs of a growing enterprise that has outgrown a simple webpage approach.

Is your current page hard for people to find?

A true web portal that is SEO friendly allows more readers to find your published content. And you will know that for a fact. Easy tools built into our portal software offer simple, effective access to analytics that reveals where your readers are from and how they navigate your portal. This allows you to adapt and be more agile in the marketplace. You’ll better understand the relationship between ads and page views, navigation, and a sales funnel, or between any other revenue generators on your site.

Finally become truly mobile

Many users will visit your portal through mobile phones and tablets, so our portals are compatible with every device and computer to ensure unhindered access to your content.  No need to test on multiple platforms or ask your users for feedback:  We have done that for you. Continue reading

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How Web Portal Software Can Get You to the Next Level

We live in competitive times and this means you have to offer more than what the competition has to offer. Web portal software has the ability to help you in a number of different ways, reaching more people and creating more content for your target audience.

Increase Your Reach

You have the ability to increase your reach significantly when you use web portal. More people choose portals when they’re on a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone. This means you’re going to increase your reach specifically with mobile audiences.

If you already have a blog and other content, that’s great for your desktop users. With the introduction of this software, you can tap into another portion of your target demographic. Continue reading

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Why You Should Invest in Web Portal Software

Time and money. These are perhaps the two greatest concerns of any business. But what is the best way to maximize these in the online publishing industry? As a news publishing website, these are vital factors for ensuring growth and success and are important reasons for you to consider investing in web portal software. Pressmart can help you with both of these things with our innovative technology for online publishing. Let’s take a look.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

One way that Pressmart saves you time is with web portal software that is easy to setup and maintain. We know you don’t have time to mess around with your software and figure out how everything works. We provide you with user-friendly tools to get things up and running in as little time as possible so that you can focus on what really matters: bringing in new visitors. Continue reading

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What to Look for in Web Portal Software

Are you an online publishing company looking for web portal software to help your business thrive and grow? If so, you may be wondering what characteristics sets apart good software from the others. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what to look for in web portal software.


The first thing you want to look for is that your web portal software is responsive. Having design elements that are responsive to the various viewports of your visitors will help to ensure that your customers experience the best in usability and content interaction.

Easy Maintenance

You are in the publishing industry, you are not an IT expert. That is why you need software that is easy to use and maintain. This helps you focus on the important matter related to growing your business. Continue reading

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Expanding the User Experience with Web Portal Software

Communication lies at the core of every publishing company; at Pressmart Media we transcend communication by providing the user with an experience of endless accessibility. Our multi-faceted web portal software allows users to not only access published content, but also to directly engage with it, marking a monumental shift in how we view news and digital publishing.

Our cutting-edge ePortal design lets users behind-the-scenes. Instead of feeling like mere recipients of content, they are able to play an active role by responding to features as well as other users, creating even more conversation and communication.

Moreover, with these tools at your business’ fingertips, you will also be able to join in the conversation. Industry-grade management tools and data analytics allow publishers and content-providers to respond rapidly to consumer need and interest, and even to predict future trends and hot-button topics. Integrated interfaces and the ability to sync with social networking bases further improve both the business and user experience. Continue reading

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5 ways Pressmart’s web portal software will take your online publishing to the next level

If you’re an online publisher, you understand the challenges of producing quality content, managing a team of writers and editors, and growing an engaged audience.

You need an all-in-one web portal software that integrates seamlessly across all electronic devices and social platforms, requires little IT expertise to maintain, and delivers a valuable return on your company’s investment.

You can find it all with Pressmart’s ePortal software.

Our comprehensive, customizable web portal software offers all the functionality you need to expand your audience reach and save time (and money!) on website management.

With our focus on ease of integration and quality of user experience, you can grow your online publishing business quickly and painlessly with these five features. Continue reading

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How Outsourcing News Portal Development is Beneficial

In this decade, readers’ and advertisers’ desire to read information online drives publishers like you to make your customers’ online experience as interactive and user-friendly as possible. This need calls for a news portal that can easily spread and present content in an appealing way.

Although you desire a responsive news portal for readers, providing one can be difficult. Maintaining content requires advanced technical expertise that you may not have. To efficiently disseminate content to your readers, consider outsourcing your news portal development to an innovative digital publishing company. Continue reading

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Why You Should Create A News Portal

People create news sources for noble reasons. They want to promote freedom and an informed citizenry. They probably are not thinking of mundane points such as how to keep their site going and how to ensure readers find their work. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to deal with that side of news creation. One of them is to create a news portal. Continue reading

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Expanding Your Reach With Eportals

Eportals are a bit like doors. They can invite in everyone and boost the business behind it just by being well-designed, making it a cost-effective way to promote your ‘house.’ A previous post covered how a professional portal development can make your content feel credible to visitors, thus convincing them to return, but have you considered how an eportal can bring in new visitors in the first place?

It starts with being geared towards SEO. With a wide sampling of your unique content, a web portal can attract new visitors through search engines. When you include embedded videos and photo galleries, you will cast an even wider net for potential searchers. The easily updated content keeps web crawlers returning, which in turn keeps it high on pages of hits.

Once you have the new user looking over your content, you can benefit from word-of-mouth advertising. Although, you might more accurately call it word-of-social-media advertising. Our web portal development allows visitors to easily share items they find interesting through Facebook and Twitter. Your brand name will spread to even more potential customers with these enticing samples, thus providing free advertising to people without you investing any additional resources.

Finally, eportals support multiple languages. Your content can attract people with a wide range of native languages, making it desirable to many more people than if you stuck with only one. Speaking a person’s home language is the number one way to make them feel comfortable, and comfortable customers are repeat customers.

If you feel ready to reach more people through eportal, contact us. Our portals are not only SEO friendly, but they have all the features that attract the customers you want.

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