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Microfilm to Digital: Why You Should Convert Now

Whether you have microfilm with pictures, Genealogy records, newspaper clippings, old company files or magazine articles, that microfilm holds a piece of history for your company and possibly a piece of other people’s history, too. Whether you’re storing the microfilm in a company basement, a broom closet or an actual storage unit, these records are deteriorating and history is being lost. Converting from microfilm to digital can create a database for your company that can attract customers and add a line of credibility to your business, while also keeping a pieces of history alive. Here is why you need to make the conversion:

Lost Data

Microfilm is generally pretty sensitive to the elements, which means they degrade over time. The quality of these newspaper clips, articles or files will continue to decline, probably becoming unusable in the future. This means you may lose important information that you may need eventually. Additionally, a fire, tornado or other natural disaster could completely wipe out your microfilm database and destroy a piece of your business’ history. Digital data can be backed up into a cloud, preserving your documents permanently .

Reach Current Clientele

Some of those old documents could be very helpful for current clientele. Whether they are sleuthing past events or just have a general nostalgia for those simpler days, converting your old documents into digital files makes your archives much more accessible. These documents also show the history of a particular person, business or entity — yours or another person’s. Clients can utilize this information to learn more about your business, more about their roots or more about the past in general. Having these files easily on hand, in digital form, can attract potential patrons.

More Accessible for You

Have you ever had to spend an hour digging through old files to find the one thing you were looking for? That can be a huge waste of time. Microfilm is not as easily filed as it would be digitally. With digital files, a couple of well-informed clicks and you have the information you seek at your fingertips.

To begin digitizing your microfilm or if you have questions about the process, please contact us!

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News Portal Software Solution for Any Publication

It’s 7:30 a.m., the kids are still sleeping, you step onto the porch and pick up the Sunday-morning paper before the sprinklers come on. You settle into your favorite chair with a steaming cup of coffee to indulge. You head straight to the sports section, and then it’s back to the headlines, followed by the funnies. Wait a minute! It’s not 1995. Fast forward to 2015, there are no morning porch pickups, folding or flipping through pages, clipping out favorite articles, or ink-stained fingertips.

These days your newspaper, magazine, or publication needs to host a user-friendly website, that’s supported on whatever platform your reader is in the mood for that day. Whether it be a shiny little tablet, smart-phone, or big fancy monitor, your audience wants options.

However, seamlessly transforming your printed content to a digital platform can be tricky business. With a complete news portal software solution, your content will look exactly like the printed version while containing hyperlinks, animation, videos, and sound effects.

Transforming your printed content, and building a loyal readership isn’t impossible, in fact it is more attainable and easier than ever with a comprehensive digital publishing solution. Contact us today and see how a robust entertainment software platform can take your publication to the next level, while improving customer satisfaction, and expanding your readership. Also, take advantage of Adsense, PressKart, and Amazon services.

So let’s try this again…It’s 7:30 a.m., the kids are still sleeping, you settle into your favorite chair with a steaming cup of coffee, and wake up your sleeping tablet. You pull up your favorite Sunday-morning publication, head straight to the sports section, then it’s time for the headlines…Now that sounds about right!

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