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Create a Magazine app to meet Consumer Demand

In the midst of a news cycle that won’t stop accelerating, the depth and insight offered by magazines are more and more valuable to readers who want more than headlines and blurbs about the topics that matter to them.

Taking advantage of that demand requires modern magazines, regardless of topic or genre, to move forward into the digital. Electronic magazines are becoming commonplace and publications who haven’t yet branched out into the digital realm are now a minority, rapidly being left behind, with mobile accessibility also growing as a preferred method of consumption. Continue reading

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5 Steps For a Successful News App

According to the Pew Research Center, in 2015, almost three-fourths of U.S. adults were smart phone users. In a mere four years, that number increased by 35%. That’s important, because where there are smart phones, there are news apps.

That population represents an important portion of the world’s news consumers. If you’re interested in making your content widely accessible a mobile app has the ability to greatly increase traffic. It’s fair to contend that having a companion app for a trustworthy news source is largely the expectation of the smart phone user. Continue reading

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Six reasons you should be looking into a Daily News App

Daily News App maybe something you have been considering for a while now. You may not know a few facts that could encourage you into getting an app like this. So let me share with you six reasons you should most defiantly be looking into getting an app like this.

First thing: Being the digital age that we are print is no longer as big a market as it use to. So take the much-needed step and update with the times. People want to access news anytime, any day and any where and that’s just what this app does.

Second thing: Simple and easy that’s what everyone want these days. The pure ease in using and navigating is what consumers as well as yourself desire.

Third thing: What if there are old article or stories that your consumers are asking for? No problem we have and archive that can provide the span of time you require.

Fourth thing: Speaking of time we all wish we had more of it so why run down the news you need when you can have it all at your finger tips with this news application all by itself.

Fifth thing: No matter the type or style of media you deal with. It’s all covered with this one app.

Sixth thing: This daily news app can and will do all the heavy lifting. No babysitting required. You do your own work now let this app do its.

To talk more about News App, or anything else, please contact us.

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3 Ways Publishing Content to a Mobile App Service Will Improve Your Business

The world has gone application crazy. It seems that every phone and tablet comes standard with a dozen apps. It isn’t very surprising, either. Having applications that give you exactly the information you need quickly is what the busy modern world needs. This need for speed applies as much to your magazine or newspaper as any other sort of information. It will be a huge convenience to your readers to be able to click on a magazine app to get to your work as well as save it as a bookmark on their computer.

That is not the only reason to publish your content to mobile apps though. There are other benefits. The first benefit is that apps are very interactive. It allows an iphone or tablet user to search for specific content and add their own. This gives you a deep understanding of your demographic’s thoughts, and also it gives you the ability to immediately respond to it.

The second benefit is reaching the widest audience possible. Practically everyone has an iphone these days and a large number of those people use it for internet access. People take their tablets everywhere, too, and that means that they can share your content at internet cafes amongst friends, which will then download your emagazine. Some people even use their phone as a replacement computer whenever they can’t reach one. Phones are also always with people. When you publish your content on an app, people can read your magazine or newspaper everywhere they happen to feel the need.

The third benefit is that it opens up all sorts of cross-merchandising opportunities. A poll done by phone app can be reported in your emagazine or epaper. The tablet app can replicate your epaper, giving you double the ad space. Your epaper can promise videos of your articles on the tablet app. You can keep your customers consuming your content all day.

If publishing your content to an app sounds like it would round out your media empire, contact us about our mobile app solutions.

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