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How to Publish Your Online Magazine

The future of online magazines is a bright one. Becoming more and more popular every day, electronic issues are not only less expensive for consumers to buy, but less expensive to create and publish. And, of course, electronic magazines are eco-friendly and won’t clutter up your readers’ homes. So, if you’ve always wanted to publish your own magazine but haven’t known how, take a look at the information below to get you on your way.

Unless your publication is centered around your business, you need to decide on the genre of the magazine. It is best to base the genre on your interests or knowledge. When you write about something you really like or know a lot about, you’ll be more successful. Continue reading

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Moving your Magazine Online

As we move into the 21st century, technology has grown in leaps and bounds. Concepts that were never even considered a generation ago are real and present. One shining example of this is the concept and reality of moving our magazines from print format into a digital medium.

When deciding on which online magazine maker to aid you in your quest to transport your publication online, there are many different facets of the process that need to be considered. Continue reading

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