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Use Newspaper Software for All Your Readers

In this increasingly digital age, the news remains a necessary and thriving part of culture. Readers still need to know what is going on at home and abroad. From the front page, to the classifieds, to your daily movie reviews, the audience is out there. In order to reach that audience, however, most major newspapers have found the need to diversify available formats.

Newspaper Software: Print Versus Digital

Approximately half of newspaper-reading Americans prefer to read their news online, a number which has been increasing over the years. The New York Times now has over one million subscribers who read the news only online. That said, many readers still prefer print media, and the money, even for publications like the New York Times, is still to be found mostly in print. As a newspaper publisher, therefore, it pays to have both a print and online version. The printing press remains a daily reality, but so does Newspaper Software designed to take all that  hard work your writers and graphic artists have done and put it into a usable format. Continue reading

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3 Must Do’s When Transitioning to Digital Newspaper Publishing

Taking your newspaper or magazine digital is a big step for any publication. There are lots of moving parts to consider and unless you’ve done it before you probably have no idea where to start.

After helping over 400 publications take the leap into the digital realm and over 10 years of experience in cloud innovation, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to best transition into the digital newspaper world. Continue reading

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How Digital Newspaper Publishing Can Help Preserve The Pasts of Publications Worldwide

Digital newspaper publishing and the increasing demand for content across all connected devices has changed the way that the world interacts with traditionally printed publications and that trend is only getting stronger as the industry looks to the future. While analysts may say that technology and digital publishing is killing print, digitizing your publication’s archives can actually keep it alive forever. Continue reading

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Become a publisher with an innovative newspaper publishing solution

It’s time to take your print newspaper online. Reach new readers, connect with old readers and bring your operation into the 21st Century.

Now all you need is a computer and access to the Internet. Thanks to an innovative newspaper publishing solution, you can get your paper online and reach the entire world. Continue reading

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Newspaper Publishing: It’s About Much More Than Saving Trees

You’ve heard about online publishing. You may even have subscribed to an online publication, maybe more than one. Or the newspaper you’re printing on paper may compete with one. It’s time to find out what online publishing can offer you beyond the right to say that you’re saving trees and beyond reducing your costs of publishing. Continue reading

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Why Do You Need Newspaper Website Development?

It’s the digital age. More information is available online than ever before, with many news sources scrambling to have their information up ahead of the curve and give their clients the newest possible updates. You know that having your newspaper available online keeps it in operation; but why hire professional newspaper website software development?

Professional Newspaper website software development provides the best possible experience for all users. Your readers are visiting your site from a number of different devices. They’re checking it on their desktop computers at work, scrolling through articles on their phones through their commute, and sitting on the couch with a tablet while the kids do their homework. No matter what device your readers use to access your page, you want to know that they’re getting the best possible experience.

Easy integration of pictures and video. Many readers no longer have the necessary attention span to read through a dense article. You’re constantly competing with other things for their attention: social media sites, mobile games, and entertainment websites that deliver absorbing content at the press of a button. To keep the attention of your readers, you need to include picture and video content–and you need to be able to do it as quickly and easily as you can upload an article.

Social media integration keeps your site alive. The power of social media is impossible to measure in its entirety. You want seamless social media integration that will make updating your fans as simple as the press of a button, calling their attention to your latest stories and highlighting current events. Keeping your social media sites up to date can be a challenge, but integrating the process into your existing website makes it easier than ever.

Make Newspaper back issues readily accessible. Often, readers want to go back and check over information that they’ve read previously. You want your website to make that as easy as possible with readily accessible back issues that are right at hand for your readers.

Keep your Newspaper website search engine friendly. When readers search for information about a topic you’ve covered, do they even see the articles you’ve published? Ideally, you want to keep your site as search engine friendly as possible. Different search engines have different methods for determining where you’ll rank, so working with a professional newspaper website software development company will help ensure that you’re meeting all the guidelines for the search engines that matter most to you.

Ready to get started working with Newspaper website software Development or News portal development experts? Contact us today.

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