Reasons to Try Digital Newspaper Publishing

Newspapers have been the life’s blood of democracy and healthy civilizations since their inception in the late 1700′s. Citizens need information to function in society and newspapers have the noble calling of providing that information. Keeping this tradition going is crucial, and it just might require digital newspaper publishing.

This is because print journalism is suffering some serious economic troubles. Revenue from advertising in print formats have slipped. In 2013, it was down 3.8%, and revenue from print-only circulation dropped 20%.

On the other hand, the number of people who get their news from only digital sources has jumped dramatically. According to the Newspaper Association of America, the total number of unique adult visitors in March of 2015 to digital news sources was 176 million. This is a 10% jump from last year. What’s more, these visitors were slightly more likely to be under 45 years old. They are the up-and-coming readers who will likely want your newspaper for life if you can reach them on their preferred platform.

It is not hard to understand this shift from the customer’s point of view. Digital formats are convenient to them both as something that is easy to transport and as something to store. They can get their news where ever there happens to be an internet connection, and they can avoid piles of bulky newspapers collecting dust in the garage.

From your point of view, digital publishing is cheaper than print publishing. You don’t have to pay for paper or delivery people, and your physical headquarters can be smaller than it would for a traditional publishing center. On the revenue side, it allows you to charge for ad space on a platform that advertisers know will reach a wide audience. It also allows you to integrate with social media services, which furthers both your own message and your advertiser’s message. This makes your newspaper even more attractive to advertisers.

It also gives you a fast response time. You can use such tools as Google analytics with digital newspapers, which lets you find out what your customer base most wants and needs to know. This gives you the chance to fine-tune your calling to best serve society.

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