Pressmart enables BI for Unicoil on Cloud

UnicoilIts been real pleasure to see how we can quickly enable customer to see dashboards on their mobile. Taking our strategy of cloud first and mobile first, we created Microstrategy based BI solution on AWS. Microstratey can be instantiated from AWS Marketplace real quick. 

Our mantra is “Any User,  Any Device,  Any Location,   Authorized Information” so that decisions can be taken real fast.

AWSMarketplacePressmart engineers implemented Microstrategy based BI solution on AWS Cloud. Microstrategy AMI is available from AWS marketplace which can be configured with in hour. We then pulled data from SAP loaded the same in Microstrategy. We created quick scorecards for sales, operations & finance and enabled them to executives with proper permissions on their mobile devices.

AWS_PartnerNow working on other business areas, we look forward to create iOT based big data analytics to customer.

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