Online Publishing and Distribution is the Way of the Future!

2016 is coming to a quick close and it won’t be long until everyone dates their works with 2017. So why not embrace the new and get rid of the old? Why not finally have your magazine or newspaper published online? Still skeptical? Then here are just a few pro-profit benefits of online publishing.

Reaching a Larger Audience

Back in the day, the method of getting new readers was mostly through word of mouth and hoping some fresh eyes would pick up your current issue on their way out of the checkout line at some grocery store. This had its time. Most publishers kept a steady flow of consumers and readers by relatively simple means. But the game has definitely changed now. Publishers, editors, and writers who got by like this before are finding their earnings diminishing year after year as the digital age continues to grow. It’s not that people lost interest in what they had to offer, it’s just that people have so many more options and they’re all online.

If your newspaper or magazine transitions, then there’s the potential to gain a surge of fresh readers! Probably more than you’ve ever had before. Small time magazines are now able to get their word out to anyone in the world. Technology marches on so why not march with it?

Cutting Cost

With the potential to grow your reader base, there’s also potential to cut cost! With everything going digital, the need for paper and ink is slowly ceasing. While this might make the most traditionalist of readers clutch their classic literature collection for dear life, this is great news for the environment and publishing industry! Saving less and earning more means a whole new slew of possibilities. It can mean spending more time on promotional aspects and rewarding loyal readers. It can mean paying writers and staff members more. But overall it means that productivity is almost assured to increase.

If you’re one of the few to see the opportunities and benefits of going online publishing, then contact us! We’ll be more than happy to get you on your way to making sure you’re well equipped for a whole new year of readers!

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