Online Portal Development – Streamlined Access Tailored to Your Audience

Your online portal is the access point through which every visitor enters and navigates your online world, and is key to your enterprise’s success.  Follows are elements of effective online portals.


  • Great online portals adapt to multiple platforms and devices. Whether desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, the content is delivered in a manner that enhances the user experience by organizing and presenting information in the manner best suited for the specific device being used.
  • Adapts to different audiences. Portals that offer fast access to updated content, archived information, restricted/logon access to intranet or paid content, etc… enhances the user experience.

Reduces Site and Administrative Costs

  • Effective online portals are easy to maintain once setup and utilize templates and drag-and-drop content management for editorial ease of use.
  • Quickly publish aggregate and original content across multiple platforms.
  • Access to documents and information for both internal (employee/administrative) and external stakeholders (customers).
  • Scalable and customizable. Supports both growth and innovation by easily adapting to your enterprise’s needs and growth.


A well-designed online portal is an investment that offers returns through:

  • Reduced bounce rate. Well-designed portals quickly direct visitors to the information and services that they are seeking. Whether it’s aggregated news or archived documents or posts from their favorite bloggers, online portal development give concise direction and information to visitors.
  • Embedded advertising and marketing tools. Well-designed portals strike a balance between content and advertising/marketing in order to retain and compel (not repel) visitors.
  • Optimization that results in higher search engine rankings by utilizing targeted tags and embedded information.
  • Increased sales and conversion rates. The more compelling and organized your site, the higher the perception of your brand, which leads to increased sales and conversions.

Pressmart is a leader in online portal development and web integration. Our services offer all of the above and more and we’re dedicated to creating the optimum solutions and software for our customers contact us.

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