Online Newspaper Publishing Solutions

If your business or group publishes a printed newspaper, you may want to consider online newspaper publishing to drive additional subscription revenue. Pressmart Media Ltd has a software tool that will allow you to generate an online version from your printed version. By creating an online version of your business’s media, you will be able to generate revenue from that online source and reach a broader market of subscribers than is possible with a print-only newspaper.

Digital media is driving industries in new directions. While paper periodicals remain a mainstay of nearly every industry, many companies are starting to look for new ways to generate revenue from a periodical. An online newspaper solution will give a company access to new markets for their periodical, while providing a new way for current subscribers to access the same information along with digital content that is only possible through an online source.

The software solution from Pressmart Media Ltd creates a responsive UI that provides the optimal user experience, regardless of their platform of choice. Audio and video may be incorporated into your online newspaper, something that is not possible with a simple paper periodical. The paper you generate will be available under your domain, and automatically emailed to your subscribers. Using the software to publish your periodical will give you access to search engines and social media, and subscribers will have access to back issues of your newspaper. Ad placement on your digital newspaper site will generate additional revenue for your business.

If you are interested in getting started with an online newspaper, Pressmart Media Ltd has the solution for your business. Please contact us and let us know how we may best help you get started with our online newspaper software solution for an online version of your business’s newspaper.

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