Newspaper Publishing takes a Turn to the Electronic

More and more newspapers aren’t really paper anymore. Newspaper Publishing is changing rapidly. Consumers are transitioning away from paper media in favor of the ease, convenience and environmental conscience of online publication in increasing numbers and a publication that doesn’t display a strong online presence runs the risk of not getting its message across.

Publishers wanting to make the change to a successful online edition should recognize that they need more than content. A physical newspaper was, not too long ago, so integrated into our daily lives that they were essential props in movies and on television, we expected to see them everywhere, and we expected almost everybody, particularly professionals, to read them daily. Online readers need that familiarity too.

To achieve that, the online newspaper, or ereplica, needs to build on some foundational cornerstones, connection, community, interaction and design.

Even paper editions are no longer sold by newsboys crying out the day’s headlines. Most physical editions depend on their readership to subscribe or to seek out their masthead at newsstands and corner stores. Online that is not so easy. If a reader searches for headlines there is no guarantee your publication will be at the top of the thousands of results that are going to pop up. It is easy to get lost in the internet.

Readers also need to talk about the news, that hasn’t changed, but the way they consume content has. Online publications are incomplete if the growing numbers of mobile users don’t have access. News providers know that a big part of sales comes from the community talking about what is in the paper today, those in the know drive others to read so they can participate in the conversation. Successful providers make content universally available.

Finally, there is interaction and design. Electronic publications allow consumers to read in ways old-fashioned papers cannot. Readers know they should be able to quickly and easily jump from story to story, moving past content that does not apply to them to reach the news that does. Facilitating this kind of interaction demands quality design, not just in the internal technical properties of the news app, but the appearance of it as well. Readers want to feel stylish and at the state of the art as they fulfill their daily need for knowledge of the world at large.

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