Mobile Apps: Your Modern Local Source for News

The local newspaper is a thing of the past, or so people said 10 years ago. As national and international news grows too big for local coverage, many users desire information and news from more local sources. For startup or modernizing local news organizations, mobile news apps present a great opportunity to reach 21st century consumers and give them the news that they want to read, rather than just the doom and gloom of the national networks.

News Delivered By Choice

A significant advantage of mobile apps for news agencies is the fact that users choose who they want to receive news from based upon their preferences. This gives you the opportunity to market to a global audience while still focusing on local news. This provides a great opportunity for students at college, for people who leave home for a corporate job and for other expatriates to follow up with the news from home.

Additionally, if you service an area that has regular global news import, people can choose your app as an alternative to the limited coverage other news sources give. For example, if you are a Seattle paper with significant coverage of the Seattle Seahawks, market your news app to people who want more in-depth and local, on-the-ground coverage of their favorite sports team, no matter their location.

Affordably Local

A serious reason in favor of centralized news agencies is the cost of publishing, printing and distributing a physical paper. Advertising revenues have gone down as marketing systems diversified online at the same time as wages, capital and travel costs went up. This all lead to specialization and centralization of news agencies.

With mobile apps, the trend is now going the other direction. An app is much more cost effective than physical distribution and there is much less competition on local interest stories and community information.

Mobile news apps are one of the most important tools for small papers to grow their business and remain competitive in the 21st century. For more information about mobile apps, online news publishing and electronic archiving of news, please contact us today.

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