How To Start Magazine Publishing Successfully

So, you want to start a magazine. Congratulations! Naturally, you want a successful publication. But with such a vast market out there already, how will YOU make your magazine successful? Here are some ideas to help you enter the world of successful magazine publishing.

1. Find Your Niche

While you could certainly try to cast a wide net, you just can’t please all of the people all of the time. Your best bet is to pick a subject and then narrow it down. For example, you wouldn’t just try to build a magazine for a rural market. You may want to focus your information on the issues facing small-time farmers who are trying to make a living doing what they love. This not only narrows your topic but gives you a specific demographic as well.

2. Study Your Competitors

Find out who is successfully running a publication that focuses on the area you are. What are they doing right? What are they doing that you think you can improve on? What can you offer your readership that they don’t?

3. Make a Plan

Great things rarely happens by chance. Creating a plan will help you to make the most of your time and energy by giving you direction. Mapping things out before hand can help you decide what actions you will need to take and may help you to find and fix the flaws in your design before you have wasted precious time and money on them. Aside from determining your niche and target audience, you will figure out how to get funding and how to market your publication.

4. Get Funding

The best place to start is with businesses that already cater to your niche. You may have to offer them a lower rate to advertise than some of your more solidly established competitors, but it will pay off in a solid advertising base.

5. Get Great Contributors

Great contributors could mean professional writers and skilled researchers. It could also mean hiring experts in your publication’s field. Finding contributors who fulfill both requirements is the best of both worlds. And, finding contributors who are already well-known could attract readership.

6. Figure Out Where You Can Lower Overhead Costs

Even with a great advertising base, it is best to keep a conservative budget. When your publication is just starting out, do you need to rent office space or could you work from a home office? Will your publication be print or digital. Digital offers so many advantages over print these days like being able to share articles on social media, being able to link to contributors and advertisers websites, and saving on printing and material costs. Having a digital magazine publishing rather than a print publication can significantly reduce not just publication costs but marketing costs as well.

When developing a business plan for your publication make sure to do your homework. If you think that an e-publication is right for you, then check out Pressmart to see all of the advantages a digital publication has over print. They have the tools and the experience to help you get your on-line magazine up and running.

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