How to Publish Your Online Magazine

The future of online magazines is a bright one. Becoming more and more popular every day, electronic issues are not only less expensive for consumers to buy, but less expensive to create and publish. And, of course, electronic magazines are eco-friendly and won’t clutter up your readers’ homes. So, if you’ve always wanted to publish your own magazine but haven’t known how, take a look at the information below to get you on your way.

Unless your publication is centered around your business, you need to decide on the genre of the magazine. It is best to base the genre on your interests or knowledge. When you write about something you really like or know a lot about, you’ll be more successful.

With a bit of online research, it is possible to find out whether or not there is a market for this genre so you’ll be sure to have plenty of subscribers.

Next, think about How to Publish a Magazine. A few things to take into account are: what content the publication will include and what the topics will be, how the pages will flow and how many hyperlinks each article will have, how to include advertising.

Also, decide what interactive elements, if any, you should add. Videos, for example, are showing up in more and more online publications these days and consumers love them.

Finally, consider your costs and gains. The cost of publishing an electronic magazine is relatively low but you should take other factors into consideration, such as advertising costs, staff salaries or freelance writers. Check out other online publications to see what their subscription numbers look like and estimate your rate of return. Think about how you will maximize your exposure on social media to boost your subscriptions and make your effort pay off in the end.

All that’s left to do is choose your magazine’s name and when you are ready to publish, contact us and we will provide the advanced solutions for you to get the most out of your publication.

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