How to Create a Magazine: 5 Innovative Design Ideas

Modernization of digital reading material, such as e-books, online news articles, and eMagazines, is a growing trend that has consumed the print world. Publishers depending on the loyalty of return customers, as well as requisition of new consumers, are foraging for creative and innovative ways to compete in this new market.

Yet, as with all endeavors, beginning with the basic knowledge and understanding of how to create a magazine, is the bread and butter for a sustainable foundation. Once this is mastered, the following creative and innovative ideas can be applied.

5 Innovative eMagazine Design Ideas

1) Embedding SWF Files

Small Web Format (SWF) files are adobe flash-based and are used in websites for multimedia, vector graphics, and Action Script. In its most formal usage, SWF provides websites with animation in either clips or a continuous cycle. Animation is a great tool to help an eMagazine stand out. Yet, be wary of over use, as some viewer devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, may not be able to sustain a high level of animation.

2) Using Thumbnails for Navigation

Embedding thumbnails into each page of an eMagazine will offer an easy way for viewers to navigate. Make sure to implement thumbnails creatively. Stay simple! Viewers should be able to physically see, understand, and select the appropriate thumbnail intuitively. Using simple and straightforward graphics and themes is key.

3) Advertising

Advertising has various benefits for eMagazines. It offers a source of income, promotes selected items that are relevant to the content (therefore promoting the goal of the eMagazine), and offers viewers opportunities to purchase product.

Be selective when choosing the type and quantity of advertisements that will display in your eMagazine. Different viewing formats will affect the success of the ad as well as the quality of the interface. Advertisements can be as simple as an image or an in-text ad via a hyperlink or as interactive as a video or audio clip. When deciding on the type, keep in mind that the ad will need to be properly and easily embed within the webpage. Suitably designed ads will download quickly and clearly onto mobile devices and tablets.

4) Embed Interactivity

Interactivity is a broad technological term, but for eMagazine purposes it generally refers to video or image galleries. Both of these types of interactivity provide a high quality feel to an eMagazine format. They also come in handy for eMagazines that showcase a large quantity of product. There are many options for embedding video or image galleries within a webpage and, if done correctly, has overall positive effects. For example, if a video is pertinent to a news story, article, or product shown on the page, make sure it auto starts once the viewer scrolls over the video platform.

With interactivity implementation also comes the necessity for mobile user-friendly interfaces. While video’s and image galleries are great eMagazine tools, they can also have an adverse effect if not administered appropriately. Publishing HTML5 versions, as well as flash for desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, is a must!

5) Include Your Company Logo

This may seem like an obvious design element, yet it is easily bypassed. With the amount of interactivity available, incorporating the company logo may be an afterthought for both the editor and the viewer. Therefore, incorporate a hyperlink within the logo to the company’s homepage and include a website directory at the bottom of each webpage.

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