How News Portal Software Connects Publishers with Readers

As print newspapers and magazines become more obsolete, the need for effective and engaging online news sources grows. Publishers have been using online portal software for nearly two decades to gather content from varied sources in one accessible locale, but web portals now offer greater functionality for both webmasters and users.

News portal software can serve as more than a simple building block for a publisher’s website. Because news portal sites get visitors without having to invest in creating the published content, they reap the benefits of the high credibility associated with quality sources. According to Science Daily, readers who are interested in a particular news story will evaluate its credibility based on both the portal and the original source. However, most people who read the news online are judging the portal because it is the most visible and their attention to one story is fleeting. Thus, quality software which draws relevant content to a portal gives the publisher a good reputation with readers.

Furthermore, spreading content from a news portal has become easier and more effective with social media use. Many readers like having quick access to news stories from social sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as being able to subscribe to various news portals through those media. Sharing content within and from smartphone apps is another way that news portal software can interact with readers directly. Software that keeps track of subscribers and provides reports to the publisher is most valuable.

A user interface that transfers seamlessly to mobile devices, video and blog compatibility, easy photo management, and site analytics are other features that publishers should look for in assessing quality news portal software. Maximizing these features can make website management straightforward and readers’ experience multidimensional.

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