How Digital Publishing Helps Your Newspaper or Magazine Reach More Customers

It seems that every corner of the publishing world is reporting losses in print circulations. Digital publishing is the future of newspapers and magazines. By publishing in an online format, companies can reach a broad audience more effectively.

Digital is Here to Stay
Once considered a passing fad, statistics show adults are converting to the ease and convenience of electronic publications. Over 1/3 of US adults will own an e-reader by 2016 and 45-50% use their reader to access news or magazines, including ads. For The Economist, 77% of readers have never had a print subscription. Adapting to a new format is especially important as studies on the news media show that while overall circulation is down, demand for content on tablets and smartphones is growing.

Digital Editions are a Smart Marketing Choice
While many publishers are struggling to transform print media into digital, studies show increasing benefits to publishing online. 2014 marketing research showed 26% of customers preferred the tablet version of a magazine over the print version. Online publishing attracted new, younger customers, increased ad revenue (customers are more likely to click an online ad), and helped companies gather data and generate reports on their readers. Readers are embracing digital subscriptions which outsell single issues three to one and mobile traffic on digital sites is as high as 60%.

Digital Editions Engage Customers
Magazines remain incredibly popular with surveys showing 91% of adults (96% under 25) read magazines regularly. Online editions provide increased engagement with readers accessing more sessions per month and more pages per session. 82% of customers reported being “very satisfied” with only digital editions and 73% intended to renew. Digital editions also encourage larger engagement with the brand as 80% of readers either visited the publication’s website, recommended the magazine, or visited the magazine’s social media site.

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