How a Digital Publishing Platform Can Turn Your Business’s Blog Into Passive Income

If you’re running a small business, there’s a good chance you already have a blog (or at least a lot of advice you could be giving out to potential customers).

But if you have specialized knowledge, there’s a better way to use it than simply slapping it onto a blog post: monetizing it instantly with a digital publishing platform.

Here are 3 reasons you should consider publishing your information instead of blogging it.

1. The information you have wasn’t free for you.

Everyone has specialized knowledge. If you’re getting paid by your clients for access to that information, then you probably have some very valuable skills.

More importantly, getting that information was expensive: either you had to take special classes, read piles of books, or spend years simply experimenting with the right and wrong methods for doing things.

No matter how you got your knowledge, it was most likely an expensive endeavor. Charging for the knowledge is only fair.

2. People value something more when they pay for it.

If people can read everything you know from a free blog post, they probably aren’t going to value it. If it’s free, it can’t be worth much to anyone, including you.

But if your industry-specific knowledge is so valuable that you have to charge people to read it, your customers will assume that you offer a significant amount of value.

And even if you offer your publication for free, simply having a more professional platform will show that your business is more serious than a typical blogger’s website.

3. It’s knowledge you already have (and money you aren’t getting yet).

There’s no reason to let your blog posts sit around collecting dust when you could be making an additional profit from them.

All you need to do is transfer the same information to a more accessible platform, charge for the knowledge you’ve worked so hard to gain, and begin getting the rewards you deserve for your valuable information.

To see how you can turn your best advice into passive income, contact us today.

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