Get Started in Digital Publishing

Digital publishing is an endeavor where entrepreneurs have a chance to make a mark on society. If you are planning a digital magazine or news outlet, you know that publishing has lots of interconnected components to master. With more than ten years of experience in the digital news sector, we have extensive insights into launching online publications.

Here are our three essential tips for building a digital publication to thrive.

1. Plan for multiple revenue streams

Content is king, but a digital publication must be a business at its core. Select a publishing platform to meet both your business needs and your content needs. Even if you plan on being fully ad-supported, you will want your enterprise to retain the ability to shift from a free subscription to a paid service if conditions change. Multiple revenue streams are the secret sauce of successful digital publications. The technology you choose should provide a user experience your readers will enjoy and comprehend now and after any future business pivots.

2. Create a responsive experience so every reader can use every device

Responsive design is the discipline that allows published content to be coded so that it just works on desktops, phones, tablets and whatever device comes next. Select a platform that automatically detects the device used for reading and scale the content and ads to fit the screen size. Investigate the flexibility of prospective digital publishing platform providers’ designs. The right responsive choice will maximize your own future business agility as devices evolve and change.

3. Build community around your content

At first, you may see social media connections as a method for publicizing your publication. Don’t neglect this powerful marketing aspect, but remember that connecting a community of interest will make your publication more valuable in the long run. Promote, respond and connect with respect for your readers.

These priorities provide a guideline for the selection of a publishing platform. They also serve as reminders for ongoing strategy tune-ups for your business. Stay flexible with your revenue streams and on assorted devices while nurturing a community that cares about your content, and you’ll be on your way.

As you plan your digital publishing initiative, turn to Pressmart Media for the intelligent platform and the deep publication experience you’re looking for. We can help. To find the approaches that will work for your new publication, get in touch with us.

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